The 5 Year Plan

Sometimes it’s good to get a little ambitious in doing something. When I think about what I’m going to do over the next 5 years, I start to feel really ambitious. I start thinking BIG about the things I want to do. I understand the fast pace of change in life, however, I believe I have some pretty solid plans ready to go. When you think about what you want to do over 5 years, chances are, there’s some big things involved! Here’s some of mine:

  • Move out completely and be on my own.
  • Setup a studio to start recording videos from.
    • Do 1,500 videos in the next 5 years as a life guide and coach to inform, uplift, and open people up.
  • Write a book – How to Open Yourself Up (my journey through bliss and pain).
  • Earn enough income to replace my day job – this will need to be over $100,000/year.
  • Do at least 1 public seminar in front of a group of people.
  • Get myself in physical tip top shape – about 205 lbs. and ripped like I was back in my P90X days.
  • Attend an Anthony Robbins Date With Destiny Event (will cost probably $10K, no small thing)!

These are very doable goals. I had a coach walk me through the business model of how he does videos and was very thankful for that. I love to write, so the book will be no problem. I love to talk and uplift others, so doing 1,500 videos is going to be no problem at all. I believe I am worthy of people going to my seminar. I believe I can earn the kind of income I set out to – through a lot of hard work and determination. I’m going to be doing a video EVERY DAY for the next 5 years – or the equivalent of every day.

My mission, vision, and purpose will come before ANYTHING else in my life – except getting exercise. That means when I’m moved out, any woman who wants to date me will have to wait until I’ve finished the work I set out to do for the day and I’ve exercised – for I’m a driven man to make a difference in the world. Movies, outings, family time, kid time, you name it – it all must wait until I’ve fulfilled my life mission for the day.

The thing that’s great about this 5 year plan is I have the experience to make it happen. At age 36 now, I have a helluva lot of life experience. I compare myself to who I was in my 20’s and the last 16 years have taught me quite a bit about myself, life, and other people. I’m starting to realize that it takes getting to your mid 30’s before you start to realize some of the stupid shit you’ve done before then. Even at 36 now, I’ve had a few things I’ve done that I can’t take back – but I can move forward.

I’m going to start tomorrow doing videos and posting them to my website. I’m going to take emails I get from people, or just find forums online with life questions and start answering them. While I do this, I am going to start writing my book, tentatively titled, “Open Yourself Up, My Journey Through Bliss and Pain.” This is going to be one awesome ride!

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