Feeding the Mind Good

Today, I’ve decided to stop writing about my “problems” and to focus on the good in the world and things that will help all of you. I’ve beat my problems to death. Inside, I hurt like hell… But no more writing about rock bottom. No more “woe is me.” Yes, I miss dearly what I miss… But chances are, one day I will become dust in the earth and how will my life be remembered – by all my problems, or by what I’ve tried to offer people? Well jeez, I’m going to feed my mind – and all of your minds good things now. I know I’m awesome and have so much to offer the world and people.

I know some people are worried about me – and some worry about what I might say or do. I know because I can sense it. So to start, I am going to post the picture of a kitten with some ducks on a bench. And change my background to be a beautiful sunset for my entire website. That’s a good start! :)


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