How To Feel Abundant

Feeling abundant is like anything else – it’s a skill that must be harnessed over and over until it becomes natural. When you feel abundant, you feel happy with your life, what you are doing, and the things that are flowing into it. The opposite of abundance is scarcity. The scarcity mindset focuses on loss. Abundance focuses on what is available.

In order to feel abundant, you’ll have to shift your focus from what you lack or what has gone wrong to what you possess and what is right. Everyone’s life is going to have situations of loss and things that don’t quite work out how you thought they might. The key to move past this is to focus on the things you have and your good qualities.

When I took a step back and looked at myself as a man and the many good qualities I have, I almost laughed at myself for feeling otherwise earlier in the year. I know I have a lot to offer this world of ours and now that I focus on that abundance, I feel very blessed and fortunate and excited for my new life direction.

For you, think about what you spend your mental energy on. Is it the loss you’ve experienced? If so, you’ll have to change that and focus on what you do have. If you don’t feel you have much, then the task is to become a creator – a student and learn as much as you can so you raise your confidence and own self worth.

Abundance is the result of your own hard work to increase your skills as well as focusing your mind on the things you do have. This continued will make it a habit and abundance will be second nature to you. Now, go out there and feel abundance in your actions and thoughts :).

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