Feeling the Force

yoda_forceIt is my belief that there is something in the Universe – some force or entity or something that we can’t quite describe that plays a role in how things unfold – or at least provides a “helping hand” at times where it feels necessary to do so. Perhaps this happens when certain individuals pray or meditate intently, or perhaps it comes to those people who have proven their worth for such a thing to happen. Regardless, I feel that there is some guiding force in the universe and I’ve felt the ability to “tap” into it if you will. I’m not claiming to be a Jeidi or Sith, but I do claim that with some focus, meditation, and using our human brains, that we can pickup on signals from the universe.

Like Star Wars

I’ll take my own life for instance. I’ve written about some things that some would find crazy – but others fascinating. As I think about the universe, I do feel that with some meditation, intent thinking, and just plain being observant, that us humans can pickup on some pretty remarkable things from the world and the people we know.

One of the things I’ve picked up is a “shift” from a certain person I know. I can’t quite describe what the shift is, just that there has been a change and not a bad one either. These kinds of things come to me as I go throughout each day and simply keep my mind open and in tune with the thoughts and feelings I get.

Some people tell me I over-analyze things. I’ve thought about that a lot and I think that analyzing is one of my core strengths. It’s my ability to pickup on the reality of situations that has allowed me to get to where I am in life. I can pickup on thoughts and feelings from people and know just what they are looking for. This ability intensifies depending on who the person is in my life.

This might be like Star Wars where the Jedi and Sith can sense each other’s thoughts. I think we can do that, but it requires us to have to work a little harder than the Star Wars movies would portray. It takes observation, experience, and thinking intently. With those skills practiced over and over, we can get close to a Jeidi and read other people pretty well – especially those where there is a special connection.

Magic or Just Complex Human Calculations?

I’ve thought about feeling things in my heart, mind, and gut. These seem to be our primary processors for understanding reality through out thoughts and emotions. I wonder if there is just a lot of processing power in our bodies and we are just like really fancy computers able to make complex decisions, or if we really are special souls who are draped in these bodies for a time. I very much lean toward that we are special souls now in my life.

I think we each have intuition at a soul level – from our core beings as souls, but that we can also utilize the processing power of our bodies. If I’m going into work tomorrow and I have to present a key demonstration to our CTO, you better believe I’m going to make use of my body’s processing power. I’m going to gather as much data and try to understand him as much as possible. My “soul” isn’t going to help me too much in this situation.

However, if I’m talking to someone and I know them at a “soul” or “spiritual” level, then the intuition from that, along with what my body can provide is much more important. I’ll spend much more time meditating or just thinking carefully to myself in that kind of a situation without really trying to prepare much beforehand.

Be a Sponge

My conclusion is that we are souls who can do some remarkable things with our own intuition and thought, especially if we go through life with curiosity and trying to soak up as much information as possible. I think part of what makes us able to “feel the force” from the universe is gathering up as much information as we can and using that for future decisions.

Jim Rohn, one of my great mentors no longer alive said it best, “Some people just try and get through the day. A sophisticated person tries to get from the day.” It’s a completely different mindset when you are working to gather information from the day. I can think back to many many days in my past and replay them over and over and this is useful as I interact with others for the future.

I’m extremely thankful for the brain I have. Sometimes it’s a little nutty, I agree, but overall, it allows me to analyze and understand situations at a high level – the reality of situations. This has been invaluable at work where I know exactly what is wanted and don’t need to spend hours probing or gathering requirements.

I built a tool in a weekend for our command center team at work and they loved every bit of it. There wasn’t a great need to iterate over and over on requirements. I just knew what they needed exactly after talking to them. It saved a lot of time and it is replacing a system that our company was paying $8,000 a month for! I love it, I helped save the company some serious cash!

Take Time To Think and Listen

To feel the force from the universe and be like a Jeidi, take time to think and listen to your thoughts. Then do as Jim Rohn suggested – try to get from the day. When you try to get from the day for 6 years in a row, it gets pretty damn remarkable what you start to be able to accomplish. I say 6 years ago, because at 30 is when I started to make this shift. I’m very excited what things will be like in another 6 years, 10 years, 20 years, and more.

As you live your life, take time by yourself to think and reflect. Play back the days in the past over and over in your mind. Chances are, you’ll come to some interesting conclusions as you do this. Try doing it without taking into account the opinions of other people who might be trying to influence you as well.

As you take time to think and listen, you will understand reality, the intentions of others, and how to serve people in their lives. This is the best form of marketing ever – just knowing what someone wants and giving it to them. I wish you peace, knowledge, and guidance as you take time in your life to become like a Jeidi and feel through the “force” that is the universe.

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