The Future of My Website

I’ve been reading a bit online tonight about others and their foray into the entrepreneurial world. There seems to be a consensus that it takes many years to become an overnight success and that means many years of continued effort and hard work. My website is 4 1/2 years old now and I’ve put in 4 really solid months this year on my website of continued effort and hard work, learning to write my deepest feelings and experiences. Tonight, I was hit with inspiration to think about the future of it.

What Should I Focus On?

There’s a few things that feel like they make sense when it comes to my website and creative projects. They are:

  • Continued free articles that share my experiences and deepest thoughts. It’s my free gift to the world.
  • Writing e-books with specialized content and learning to market and sell them.
  • Writing and finishing my fantasy-fiction book series, as well as writing my romance novel. Honestly, I will kick major ass in the romance genre.
  • Taking on a few coaching clients – one on one sessions for those going through relationship difficulty or struggling with direction in life. Boy can I speak to both of these!
  • Making another computer game – very time consuming, but a blast for sure.
  • Make another Android app like my calculator – certainly doable too.
  • Partnering with someone to do a large-scale website with user generated content – I’m a website developer guru, it is my day job after all.
  • Create a website monitoring/performance application. I focus on that during my day job and I know performance of websites so well, it’s almost a no-brainer.
  • Investing advice – I’m doing very well with my meager investments and feel like I now have a thing or two to say about them.

Damn, I want to do all of these! If I live forever like I’m planning on doing, perhaps I will be able to. But I’ve got to start with something :).

One thing I know is that I really enjoy writing and pouring my heart out into these articles I share. If nothing else, I get to read them and learn from them :). But I do feel the burning desire in me to make a business out of this – JeremyNoelJohnson Enterprises/LLC/Incorporated. My value proposition is my extensive experience, hundreds of articles, and unique life experiences that qualify me to offer services.

I think there are many smart and talented people in the world – the idea of coaching one of them or mentoring them to success is very interesting to me. I love to write – a lot, and the romance novel is another thing that is interesting as well.

User Test

I think what I’m going to do is very small micro-versions of each of the bullet items above and user test on my website as well as with people in person to see where there is genuine interest. I’ll work on building up a larger following here on my website by starting to post on other forums and websites with guest posts and comments.

As I do this, I’ll report on the results and share my next project(s). Really, I just feel this love and desire in me that got turned on about a week ago and it’s fueling me to get all this in gear. When you are fortunate enough to have the experiences I’ve had this year and discover what I have discovered, you feel such a guiding force that you are almost pulled to succeed without having to push your way to it.

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