In San Francisco, Traveling On My Own, Part 1

I’m in San Francisco right now, working in the office for the company I work for. It has not even been two days here, and already, I’ve felt that the experience has been very growth oriented with positive and negative things that have happened, of which both are equally good and valuable :).

Owning Airplane Turbulence

For the first time in my life, I’m comfortable with airplane turbulence. This is interesting to me because usually when I’m on a flight and the plane starts rocking back and forth and up and down, I get a nervousness in my stomach and chest. I find myself sort of panicking.

I had my head phones on playing some of my favorite music when I felt the turbulence. For a few brief moments I was nervous again, but then, something interesting happened. Because of all the thinking I’ve been doing about being detached, going with the flow, and just accepting reality as it is, I entered a very peaceful state. I became very accepting of the airplane turbulence and not just accepting, but willing to ride along with it. I surrendered myself to every movement of the airplane and just felt calm and serene as the plane was rattled.

This was really good. I was smiling the whole time and just felt very relaxed. For the first time in my life, airplane turbulence felt just fine and I wasn’t nervous through it. I accepted it 100% without any desire to change it. There’s a powerful lesson here – the ability to accept and embrace reality as it actually is brings about an inner peace and strength that is mind blowing.

Work and Business

I’m here working and I’ve spent most of my time talking to people in the office here. I’m going to do some rounds in the office and just get to know people in other areas and departments – networking. I love talking to other people and feel that this will be good not only for me, but for the people I talk to as I feel I have the gift of my presence that I give whenever I talk to someone.

Meeting People

One of my goals while out here is to go on at least one date. It’s Tuesday and I leave Saturday afternoon. My go to method for this is the Tinder app. It’s so easy to connect with people and there is already mutual interest if two of you accept each other as matches. Since I’ve been out here, I’ve gotten about 25 high quality matches that I’ve messaged and talked back and forth with. Nothing concrete yet, but I’m setting an intention that I will meet one of them, while also going out in person to talk to people and see what comes of that.

It takes courage to go out and meet people, even if it’s just on Tinder. At anytime, someone who has matched you can unmatch you and you must be prepared for that. I’ve had matches on Tinder talk to me and text a lot, only to unmatch or disappear at a moments notice, and this has happened even out here already. This can be hard if you feel like someone is a really good fit. But I also like it because it is helping me continue to detach from outcomes and continue to circulate and only accept people in my life who are enthusiastic to be in it and accept me for who I am. Anyone who unmatches me does not meet that criteria.

The two biggest things I am realizing are: 1. most guys get skipped by high quality women, 2. the fact that I am selected tells me that there is interest. And I don’t need to be selected to know my own worth, but it certainly is nice to see evidence. I’ll keep this intention in my mind that I’ll meet someone and have a high quality date. It would be fun to go run a trail here, for instance.

Can’t Wait for What Will Come

I can’t wait for what is to come tonight and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. WHO KNOWS who I am going to meet and what experiences I am going to have. I also have to find a way to the Oakland airport by Saturday morning and to me, that is going to be a fun challenge. I have to make the flight to Oakland on Saturday, or I will be stranded here in San Francisco :).

I’m also excited to catch up with a friend of mine here who has been a big influence in my life. All in all, I’m extremely happy with my experience here. I’ll write more in a few days or when I’m back on the ground in Utah. I’m sure there’s going to be much more to share.

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