In San Francisco, Traveling On My Own, Part 2

I’m back at my apartment now, having just traveled home from San Francisco. And I have to say… Wow! What a trip. It exceeded my expectations for what I could have possibly imagined this trip to be like. Both the work I did and the few days I had to myself were just amazing. Let’s see if I can recap the good stuff.

Jeremy in San Francisco

Many Miles Ran and Walked

I walked and ran in total about 20 miles throughout San Francisco. I saw so many unique stores and eateries. In particular, I loved running through San Francisco city and did that on numerous occasions.¬†I made a video of me running through the city, but for some reason, the sound got messed up, so I won’t post it. However, here’s a shot of the city at night!

San Francisco at Night

The Power of Intention

I’ve learned a pretty interesting thing about the power of intention. It is, that when you really focus your mind and attention on a specific goal and get very clear and detailed about what it is you want – what you would like to experience, that the Universe has an uncanny way of presenting you with that based on the level of effort and focus you give the intention.

In some way that I don’t quite comprehend, the Universe actually presents you with situations and people to help make your goals and dreams a reality. You are given the strength, fortitude, and mental capacity to be a match for the experience you wish to experience. I set a powerful intention for this trip – that I would meet someone and come to know what the people of San Francisco are like, primarily through Tinder, and to a lesser extent, talking to people in person, form a dating stand point.

Let’s just say, I was blown away with the diversity and the quality of people I came in contact with over the week. Each day, was a flood of new people, many in their 20’s and 30’s – successful and beautiful women who were interested in meeting me. I love success and ambition in a woman and I found it a bit overwhelming to decide who I would see in person as I only had a couple days.

But, I was able to make that reality happen and had some really great experiences because of it. I’ve really come to grow and love myself for who I am. I am at peace with myself and I can see that inner peace and strength is able to attract a really high caliber woman. I feel both excited and humbled by it and move forward with gratitude¬†to see what the future holds.

I Love San Francisco

I was able to meet a really good friend – a buddy of mine who owns an internet website and lives in San Francisco. We ate at a Korean BBQ and it was great to meet him in person for the first time. We discussed life, business, and ideas, and I’m very thankful to be his friend and share ideas for the future with him.

I think my biggest take away from the trip was that I am able to function completely on my own having to figure things out. I figured out my flight, hotel, the BART train, even got lost once when my phone died and I lost GPS, but I was able to navigate with the help of some locals. I absolutely love the environment and diversity of San Francisco and the surrounding cities. I can honestly see myself living there some day.

I’ll be back for sure. I’m going to come up with excuses to go see San Francisco now as my work has an office there. This has truly been a life altering and growth oriented trip and my head is still in the clouds writing this blog post at my apartment now. I’m just blown away and so happy with the trip and everything I experienced and learned.

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