My Problems Just Became A Lot Smaller

Frank Briscoe

This is a picture of Frank Briscoe, one of my co-workers where I work during the day. He passed away yesterday from cancer. This is the second co-worker I’ve known that has passed away since I’ve been at my day job.

Frank was the kind of guy who always had a good attitude and never once complained about his cancer or coming in to work while he was stricken with the cancer. I know there were days he felt horrible and yet he came in reliably so long as he was able to.

I would have conversations with him in the hall and ask how he was doing. He always responded cheerfully and with a good attitude, never complaining or asking why he got the short end of the stick with the cancer.

The reason I bring this up is because my problems just became a lot smaller. Whatever problems I think I have at work, in my personal life, or otherwise, just became grains of sand. Life is so short and it’s not worth even a second to dwell on what may or may not be because there is life to live…

I’ll miss you Frank. You’re a good man – an example to me. At 37, I’ve got quite a bit of learning and growing up to do to be half the man you are. May you rest in peace, wherever you are.

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