Ready To Put Myself Out There

I feel ready right now – to put myself out there and experience a relationship with a woman. It has been 8 months since I’ve been out on my own and my purpose in meeting people is now, not just to experience what others are like, but to find someone who wants to explore life together – a girl friend.

I’ve written very clearly in my journal now what exactly I am looking for. Tonight, I am setting a very specific intention to find this person and connect with them. And when I find this person who matches what I am looking for, I will be completely authentic with them and share my desire. I will do this without hesitation or fear. There’s a couple people I am in touch with that match this criteria (as well as one I am not in touch with).

In September of 2013, I put out a call to the universe. I’m doing it again here, on June 8, 2015. I’m ready to see what comes forth and to make myself vulnerable to love again. Because I have so much love to give. I wish I could express this to you, but you’d have to get to know me personally, beyond my writings, to really understand this.

We shall see what happens with this intention. I can feel it within me though – that this is what I am meant to do right now, both to feel myself love again, and to become the next strongest version of myself. I’m even ready to get hurt a few times as I move forward to this. And will I even be able to get hurt – I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning to detach myself from outcomes and that continues to serve.

I also know that it’s a process for this to happen, both for me and for her (whoever she happens to be) – it takes time. Regardless, I know my quality, and some lady is going to get very lucky some day. In my next article, I’ll outline what I’ve written in my journal that specifically talks about all the things I am looking for in this woman – this is another part of intention – to put it out publicly.

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