Speak Your Truth

Sometimes it isn’t easy to speak your truth. But being authentic and present with what you are feeling is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life. It’s interesting that I just recently wrote about the type of people to let in your life (not just casual acquaintances, but good friends and more), and then I got a test to see if I really meant it. And I passed the test!

When one test is passed, another is given is a really true statement. I don’t know the mystery of the timing of me writing that article and then having a situation present itself to see if I was really serious, but I am definitely serious about it. I only want people close to me who REALLY want to be there. And it’s so easy to tell if someone REALLY wants to be in your life.

Speaking your truth means you don’t think about any consequences or have any worries of what might be. It means you speak clearly, authentically, and powerfully about what you want. And you’re willing to walk away and never look back if that doesn’t occur. And all this is possible for me today, whereas a year ago, it was not possible. This is the value of personal growth and becoming the next stronger version of yourself.

I’m sure life is just getting started with me and the tests that come my way. The year is still young and I’m excited to see what comes next!

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