Take As Long As It Takes

Long Road AheadFor any big decision, take as long as you need to to make the decision. There are some decisions that are life altering – you will be taking your life direction and completely changing it for the rest of your life. Sometimes these decisions will drastically affect your economic status. Sometimes the decision will require courage beyond anything you’ve ever had to do. Sometimes the decision affects more people than just yourself. With these decisions, give yourself time to feel what is right – what will be the best thing long term. I have my own big decision I’m working through. All of the criteria I’ve described above are involved. It’s not something I can decide quickly – nor should I. I’ve tried to decide it quickly or rashly in the past and it nearly wrecked me.

Take a look at your life and the big decisions coming up. Any important decision deserves the respect of time. Time is the great revealer of truth. I don’t know the mystery of this – perhaps our┬ábrains require a large amount of time to really understand big truth. In a way this is good because nothing true and real can simply be conjured up quickly, but instead takes time.

When I wrote about the imperfection of writing, I wrote about how even after I write an article, I can realize there is things I don’t agree with in that article, or sometimes I’ll even take the article down because it wasn’t what I really felt. Always, when I give time the respect it deserves, do I find real truth. As I look back on the things I’ve written and after some time now, I see clearly some things that are very true about what I write – they’ve stood the test of time.

Take as long as it takes. You only get one life. Once you make a big decision, especially if it affects others, you are now affecting them. There’s no “take backs” – there’s no saying, well, just kidding, I didn’t really mean that, can we go back to the way things were? People have hopes, dreams, and desires and if you oscillate with them, you affect them and their big decisions. My lesson this year is to recognize a big decision and to just keep quiet about it until the decision is made and over with. At some point, make the big decision and make it a clean cut – but only when the time has been taken that is needed.

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