The Dreams You Have as a Youngster

When I was in 9th grade, I played basketball on my high school freshmen team (9th graders). That same year, I was then bumped up to the junior varsity team (10th and 11th graders), and finally, at the season’s end of my freshmen year, I was bumped up to the varsity team (12th graders). That year, I thought for sure my future was going to be to play in the NBA. One of the players I loved to watch the most was Larry Bird. I gave a presentation recently at work on Larry Bird and how his work ethic, talent, and sheer determination helped him achieve the success that he did in his career.

The dream of playing in the NBA didn’t quite materialize, however, I play basketball as often as I can, even if it is by myself and I feel such a rush of good energy while I play, even if it is just at a middle school basketball hoop by myself.

You may have had many dreams as a youngster of what you might be doing with your life. I’m here to say that those dreams can be realized, even if it isn’t quite with the venue that you imagined as a youngster. You can dance, sing, play basketball, make programs, or do whatever it is you wanted to do right now, and you don’t need to have it be your occupation either. Everything is already around you to make this happen.

To end this article, here’s two videos of Larry Bird that I still watch to this day. One is him scoring the majority of his points left handed (his opposite shooting hand), and the other is a 60 point game against the Atlanta Hawks. Both are amazing videos. For any who might be wondering, he’s on the Celtics (Green or White Jerseys) and he is number 33.

Larry Bird Left Handed Game

Larry Bird 60 Points Against Atlanta

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