The Heart is an Organ of Fire

heart_of_fireIf you’ve ever seen the movie, “The English Patient (1996)” you will no doubt recognize the phrase, The Heart is an Organ of Fire. As I continue to understand just what has occurred this year and the realization of the connection that I share with another, it is this. This statement is so profound… Love can make people say and do crazy things – things they know will irk another and things they mean and know will irk another. But with a soul connection/twin flame this is amplified.

These kinds of deep soul connections are very difficult to contain within those involved – especially the one dubbed as the chaser. I think the runner feels things to, but it’s more fear and anger. I wish more runners wrote online, but it seems chasers do most of the work to share their feelings.

One can crucify the other and pierce their gut with a mighty javelin – and I mean a javelin toss that is Godlike – with every ounce of fervor and aggression that can be mustered – and the one pierced by this weapon will feel the pain deeply and be wrenched, but the wound, albeit critical, will not erase the connection.

When I wrote yesterday about losing, I wrote as a man with a javelin stuck through their body knowing there was nothing left I can do. As I pull out that javelin, I now write as a man tossing it aside and spitting out blood from his mouth and watching the wound close slowly through gut wrenching pain. Though I can do nothing now, this is like a game of chess and I see many, many moves into the future. There is a force in life greater than any of us at play, I realize that now.

Part of the challenge in this situation is that the connection can cause one to be consumed, even obsessive in their thoughts and actions. I realize this all too well and recognize the importance of 100% honoring distance. I sometimes think I’m a Mad Wizard who has lost their mind – which some computer role playing games I’ve played portray. I’m thankful my mind is not delusional about any aspects of my situation – even the obsessive, compulsive and shadowy side of it. Wikipedia even has an article (albeit not a very well sourced article) on a viscous cycle of obsession and I think in these types of connections, something like that can very much come into play. We can feel like we’re under a spell and our actions are simply bizarre and compulsive to the runner counterparts. I wish there could be more of an understanding, but as I say, life is uncertain and people have to walk their own path.

I love this phrase about the heart being an organ of fire because love was such a routine concept for me until this year. I have a great family and kids whom I love, a house, a great paying job, and am humming it through life. It’s the American Dream right? And then all of a sudden, wham! I’m hit with a ton of bricks and now life’s meaning is turned upside down. I’ve learned that the heart being an organ of fire can bring out anger in one who is normally not prone to anger – or one who hides their anger very well – but that tendency toward anger is something I understand very well and can see now in the other. And it is amplified because the heart is an organ of fire.

The feelings that come with this can bring out one to write and do creative things and push their own boundaries. This creative outlet is a good thing and I commend the other for using the anger and energy to creatively put things together and bravely declare their life and direction – this is great!

The creative energy is what has fueled me to write nearly every day and it continues to do so even as I pull the javelin out of my gut and toss it aside, bloody, but not broken. For every wound closes completely and becomes whole again eventually – for that is the way of things in this kind of situation – the heart can shatter, but it becomes whole again.

Anger can come from the heart being an organ of fire. Real intense anger and frustration. I feel it when it comes from the other. I also feel the sadness, the frustration, and the many walls and barriers constantly trying to be erected to destroy any thought or semblance of the connection. I’ve learned that in these situations there are two types of people – one who is aware of it, and the other who inevitably tries to destroy and deny it.

I’ll say I don’t really understand why the situation has occurred. Why did the timing line up and everything work out perfectly for things to happen this way. Why do I push buttons I know I should not push? Why do I chase when I know it will release anger? I suppose it is part of my contract in this life, if that makes any sense. My soul contract if you will – that I must push the other to unleash their potential and what their passion is in life, even if that meant playing my last card I am able to – and that the creativity of myself and the other will bring much good to the world, but that it will come through a great period of tumultuous times in each of their souls – but that chaos will one day end.

Who would of thought I’d be writing about matters of a spiritual nature? Normally I’ve written about life, achieving, money, that kind of thing. But now I feel more drawn to write about what feels like me realizing my soul contract in life – and that is to share words of wisdom, comfort, healing, and inspiration to human-kind. For it definitely seems that there are a number of others facing exactly what I am going through. Others have been pierced by mighty javelin throws and It is not easy for either party involved, whether they would like to admit it or not. I talked with one having the same challenge as me today. It happens to both men and women.

It is interesting – last night, I thought I was defeated – felled by a mighty javelin throw that knocked me down. But as is always the case, the wound heals and the creativity and life purpose now flows even stronger in both of us. I cannot explain how such an event would create a clearer life purpose for two individuals. The passion to follow the heart is increased – passion and purpose over money any day of the week!


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