The Pain of Discipline OR the Pain of Regret

Jim Rohn, master teacher, said it best – we must all feel one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The pain of discipline weighs ounces and the pain of regret weighs tons. This seems to be the topic swirling in my head today as I’ve made some tough choices in the last 6 months, but have learned to make the choice that is difficult right now, rather than the one that might lead to regret later.

Take working out for instance. I work my tail off at the gym doing squats, bench, and all manner of exercises, along with sitting in the Sauna for 30 minutes a day. This is doing wonders for my body, but it takes time and isn’t easy. I pay a price each day to do it, but I get a ton of benefit from it AND I don’t feel the regret of a body breaking down as I get older – I’ll be 38 later this year! But I feel like I’m 28.

Working out isn’t the only decision that creates the pain of discipline in the moment in order to have a better long term situation. In a strange, paradoxical way, other decisions I’ve made that have been tough since I’ve been out on my own – decisions that were tough for me to make, but where I made them any way, have always helped me be a stronger version of myself. I think this decision making will help me in all areas of life.

Evaluate your life and whatever decisions lie ahead. Chances are, there are some decisions that require some sacrifice right now, but that will ultimately lead to a greater reward down the road. You know these decisions because they are hard and require discipline RIGHT NOW as you make the choice.

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