What Is Important In Life?

Heart Of Fire Today, I’m sitting here at my computer. I just had one of my nieces (she’s 13) talk to me and another is now here with me (she’s 11). They are fun girls who bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm. As I now have a few minutes to write, I’m feeling very much drawn to the question, “What is important in life?” The picture here should give you a CLUE as to what I think is important. Isn’t that picture frickin’ awesome? It’s such a good picture, I might have to buy it and frame it. Ultimately, what is important in life that matters is what YOU think is important, not what some crazy lunatic like me on the Internet thinks :). To get started, I’ll post some questions related to how some might view what they think is important in life. (Image courtesy of Radiant Survivor)

What is Important in Life, Love or Money?

Having a lot of money sure is nice – not that I would know, but gosh, I can certainly imagine what it would be like :). With money, you can travel anywhere you want, get a massage as you see fit, buy whatever nice car and house you want, own 100 horses, dogs, and cats – you can have it all – and that is the power and importance of money.

However, when I think about what the most important thing in my life is, it is love. And the love starts with self love – but certainly doesn’t end there. The key lesson I’ve learned in 2014 is the power of self love. It’s the ability to love yourself even if you think that you’ve missed the chance of a lifetime. It’s the ability to love yourself even when you make mistakes. It’s the ability to love yourself and give yourself a hug and tell yourself that things are going to be OK and that you are a person who matters.

The self love is one of the biggest lessons for me this year. Beyond self love, there is another kind of love that I’ll describe. It’s like that burning heart up there. It’s a love that is like an eternal and constantly burning fire in your heart. It is so intense that it will consume you if you do not have the proper fortitude and strength to contain it. Once you are able to contain – and even harness that love, some amazing things begin to happen.

You learn that there is no limit to what you can do and accomplish in your life. You become enhanced in your other areas of life – work, family, fitness, spirituality. You learn to be forgiving and accepting of people. You learn, above all, that you are not the only conscious human being around. It is the burning love that I’ve also learned about in life – and if you ever experience it, be forewarned, it will be so intense that you will have to focus all your energy into understanding and harnessing it. But once you do, holy crap do things begin to open up and make sense.

So I say in this regard, it is love that is most important. Because money comes and goes as scraps of paper and electronic numbers in computer databases. But love – that is a driving force and it comes from conscious human beings like yourself. Money is not conscious. It is soul-less. While an important medium for lifestyle, it doesn’t hold a fucking candle to love.

What is Important in a Relationship?

What is important in a relationship? I am hesitant to use the word relationship here. Remember when I wrote about building a religion? Like religions, I think the word relationship is getting a little outdated. Relationship to me is very driven by society and what it thinks it should be – boy meets and dates girl, they fall in love, have a baby, and live happily ever after – or some variation on that.

I think a better word than relationship is “Union.” A union is a joining of two people in a common purpose. A union is also a mutual understanding between two people. A union is much more than a simple relationship. I think of a union as what happens when two people are in the “bliss” stage of a relationship. What are things like then?

The two people are in their own bubble of the world. They become aware of only them self and the other person with them. Sharing, giving, the exchange of knowledge Рit all happens and flows as freely as water from the most full river on earth. The back and forth exchange is done without fear and both people are completely open and vulnerable to each other.

As “life” and human nature start to get in the way, ultimately a union gets knocked down like the pins in a bowling alley. But the principle is the key. A proper relationship or union must have two things to function at its most highest level:

  • A complete and mutual understanding and acceptance of each other.
  • The complete willingness to share and give without any reservation or thought or fear.

You want to know what is most important in a relationship? There they are. It’s the biggest secret in the world and I’ve just written it here for you. But don’t think in terms of a relationship. Relationships are for boys and girls. A union – that is the real forming of something special.

What is Important in Life – Money or Happiness?

We’re back to money again, but I’ll compare it to happiness this time. I’ll pose the question to you:

Would you rather have $1,000,000 dollars and be miserable or have $1 and be stinkin’ happy? How do you think about this answer? Do you fight the question and say: “I’d be happy if I had 1 million dollars, I don’t know what you’re thinking.” Or do you say, “Money doesn’t bring happiness, not even 1 dollar.” Regardless of how you answer or dissect this question, the principle is the same, and that is this:

Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it sure can help solve a lot of life’s problems. I say this so as not to discount the value of having enough money for all your needs in life. One of the things I’m really thankful for in my life is that I have enough money to do most things I want and have a little left over to invest. I think it would be harder to be happy if I was struggling to pay my bills every month and wondering if I was going to eat that day. I’d still be happy, but I’d be focusing energy on things that shouldn’t have to be worried about.

So I’ll answer this question – happiness is more important in life. Happiness is a state of mind. I believe that if you are happy, you’ll attract money anyway. It’s really an interesting dichotomy. The happy person tends to be more curious and productive. As such, they’re more likely to find opportunity or get noticed by someone with money. I think that’s just the way of things.

What is Important In Life To You?

As I said, I’m just some guy on the Internet typing away. It really doesn’t matter what I think – it matters a lot more what you think. You’re the conscious human being reading this. What do you think? What about love? What about life? What about circumstances? What about money? What about burning love? What about happiness?

To answer what is most important to you, you might try doing what I did – ask yourself when in your life you felt the greatest peace, love, joy, and freedom you’ve ever felt. When I asked myself that question, I knew what was most important to me. And it blew money out of the water. I wonder what it will do for you?

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