What the Song, Bleeding Out, Means To Me

There’s a song by the band, Imagine Dragons, called “Bleeding Out.” I enjoy listening to songs and trying to figure out what the band was intending for the meaning of the song. I read online a little bit about the song and what others thought, but I want to share what this song means to me.

The song talks about bleeding out, baring one’s skin, and receiving lashings. It talks about emptiness, darkness, and one who is counting their sins. Here are the full lyrics to the song.

I look at this song as having a high significance in my own life this year. It means this to me: I’ve felt some deep pain in my life this year and in a sense I am bleeding out. I’ve undergone an immense transformation in the direction of my life. This song to me means the growing pains associated with becoming the next greater version of myself.

It also means to me that the heart is a very precious organ. To play with the heart of someone else is a dangerous and very selfish thing. I look at the Jeremy earlier in the year and see a very selfish person – someone who played with fire and got burned really bad. I look at the past and realize some of the bad decisions I’ve made.

This song means to me that I will┬áreceive the pain of silence by myself as I “bleed out” alone – for a time. It reminds me of the Nameless One from the computer game, Planescape Torment. He too had go to a place and handle what he needed to alone.

I don’t believe in sins, but I do believe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in physics and in human-kind. You can treat people wrongly, but you can also make up for it with different choices and enough time. Therefore, it is now my place to accept what I’ve done and take it like a man.

This song means to me that one must pay a price for their choices – everything has a cost. I must continue to face myself and who I am as a man. Being single again, I will be living a new life, while supporting Heidi and my two girls. This will last until I am 51 years old. This is a long time and the next 14 years will give me a good chance, I believe, to now learn to be selfless, give much more than I receive, and grow into a man that gives light and love to the world.

This song means that I must accept the consequences for my choices – the good and bad consequences – and live with them while growing into the man I am meant to become – a strong man who can speak to the hearts and pain of others and help open them up to something more than they could otherwise be.

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