What the Song, Demons, Means to Me

There’s a song from Imagine Dragons called “Demons.” Demons are an interesting concept. They represent the most evil and vile things that we can experience or do as human beings. They’re often depicted as winged monsters from Hell by artists. I want to share what I think the meaning of this song is for you, using my own life as an example.

First off, here are the lyrics to the song. The song talks about days cold, dreams failing, hiding the truth, recognizing a beast inside, our weaknesses, and looking into our eyes where our inner demons hide.

I look at my life and can think of many experiences that I would consider inner demons for me. The first I can think of is growing up as a young boy. I’m sure many of you have experienced this as well – I faced some not very fun stuff as a young child from my father. Each of the times it happened is etched very clearly in my mind and I am able to recall it with great clarity and memory.

I’ve forgiven my father for this and also recognize he had a father who fought in World War I and used Alcohol to temper his stress and pain from the war. My dad and his mom experienced great pain from his father (my grand-father), and I know that part of who my dad is, comes from him.

So that is one of the demons in my own life. I have a couple demons in my life that I also have faced this year. To be splitting up from my wife Heidi of 14 years is sort of a demon to me. It represents me making the choice to do so in order that she can find someone that will align completely with her values and me the same. A divorce, even an amicable one, is a big demon to face.

I also face the demon of disconnect – where someone I care about forcefully disconnected from me. It was my own doing that caused the disconnect, but nevertheless, that is now an inner layer of me that I carry around with me wherever I go. I take it as a learning experience, to try and love and care about everyone – them especially and to honor their request and the truth of their request to them.

This song represents these deep and personal experiences of mine – experiences that I largely caused to happen in my life. I was a very selfish child (and still am a selfish adult, but working on it), and said and did things as a child that showed I didn’t appreciate my father. Therefore, I paid a price for that. I also have a couple additional demons this year now – I’m becoming a collector!

I don’t look at these demons as a bad thing either – they are part of me and my life experience. I’m not who I am without them. I don’t try and hide them either. Anyone can go here to my public website and read about them. I don’t hide shit from anyone. If you want to know me, you will know about my demons in my life and not just the good stuff. There’s plenty of good stuff in my life, but the demons are a part of it too.

Winged Demon

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