When One Test Is Passed, Another Is Given

When one test is passed, another is given. This is such a powerful statement for me right now. I passed some tests last year and even this year so far. And today, this morning/early afternoon, I was given another test to see if I had really grown as a man like I think I have. The details of this personal test are private to me, however, it was related to something I cared about and that something is now gone.

And I’m taking a break from work in my apartment to think about this – to reflect, ponder, seek to understand, and I don’t think there’s a whole lot to understand in this situation. More that it is what it is. I’ll say that I’m extremely thankful for the personal test and the experiences I had with it over the last month or so. I learned a lot. I felt a lot, and it was worth being given this test today to share the brief experiences that were shared – every bit of it.

In your life, when you gain a level – when you become more emotionally strong than you were before, become smarter, more physically fit, etc… expect to get a test that was even harder than what you had before. Because life has a funny way of keeping you on your toes, never getting too comfortable and I’ve found this to be the case with me.

Through it all, all the things I’ve written about are helping me. These are some of the key lessons that are a part of my core and allow me to handle this situation. They are:

I put myself out there for this personal test. I didn’t hold back. I shared my full self willingly. And I feel so good having done it. I feel warmth and love for myself for being willing to take a risk and see what might happen even if it didn’t work out. And I will surely do it again :). For this situation that just happened, I believe, is necessary for me to reach my true potential and I’m thankful for it.

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