When To Detach

Your body is an excellent communication system. You’ll know what to do in situations. Right now, mine is telling me to detach myself even further to bring myself into greater balance. Which is interesting to me. Whenever I get too cocky or too far one-sided with myself, my body has an intuitive way of telling me to get into balance. I’ve seen myself get a little out of balance this last week and it’s remarkable how the body communicates to get into balance.

You’ll know this balance is needed if your actions are falling too extreme from who you are at your core. You’ll know it if your body is telling you to detach from everything in the world and that for a time, you need to focus inwardly without any external influence. And this is what my body is feeling right now. And I’ve made it a habit to listen to my gut and body when it says something is needed – or perhaps it’s the universe speaking to me. Either way, I don’t argue with it :).

To detach in this manner is to cut off all but essential communication, detach from any news outlet, whether it be internet or TV, remove yourself from the opinions of others, and to take time alone to listen to your thoughts. There’s clearly more work I need to do on myself even with the astounding progress I’ve made to this point.

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