4th of July and Some Thoughts About Our Country and Gratitude

Feeling Incredibly Grateful

I’m in my room right now, on my computer, and my daughters are playing on their computers in their bedroom. I don’t have to go to work today – it’s a holiday and I feel very free right now in being able to do whatever I wish. Yesterday, I went to Walmart with my daughters and we bought fireworks, watermelon, and some other things as I will have them until Sunday night. They keep asking me to do the fireworks, but I tell them we need to wait.

If you live in the United States, you’re pretty damn lucky. It’s the greatest country on earth. Greatest does not mean perfect either. Everything has its pros and cons. But I feel very free waking up today. I have the choice of when to get up, when to eat, when to go outside, when to call or text someone, when to workout and do my squats. All of this is free for me to choose without hindrance.

I feel incredibly grateful right now. For every blessing and challenge that comes into my life. I’m grateful to have discovered the Buddhist philosophy of being detached to be at peace. This philosophy has helped me quickly stem my desires where I end up not getting something I truly desired. I feel without this philosophy, I’d be in some serious trouble. The philosophy has taught me to desire and want, but not attach myself to the outcome of whether I get it or not.

I’m grateful to have two daughters who are terrific. They have energy, happiness, and enthusiasm. My divorce has had no ill effect on them whatsoever, and in fact, I believe it has had the opposite effect on them. They see how happy I am on my own, pursuing and going after what I want, and I think that rubs off on them. They are seeing dad spread his wings. Some day, I may find someone to again share life with, but I’m very picky about that.

I’m grateful for my health. I have the ability to run, jump, and exercise at a high level, even at age 37 here. I play basketball with a group of guys at work and I can run, jump, shoot, and in general, play the game at a high level still. I love it. Basketball is my element. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to shoot around and play still.

I feel grateful to live in this amazing country, where I can sit here and write on a blog. I have the ability to go for what I want, even if I do fail many times. I’m grateful for my failings. Yesterday, I wrote about inner peace and accepting reality. I really don’t like accepting reality in some cases. It stings to do so. But I’m grateful for my brain, which helps me understand reality as it is. And this country, the USA, is a beautiful country that allows us to pursue happiness. It allows us to believe whatever we wish – Atheism, Buddhism, Judaism, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster – all beliefs are welcome here in the USA and that is a beautiful thing.

I’m incredibly happy with who I am and where I’m at in life. To be happy through challenges and ups or downs is something I am realizing is a rare gift. I’m grateful for the work I’ve done to sculpt myself and know there is much more of it to do. Much love to you reading this.

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