A Response to My Ex Was a Once In a Lifetime Kind of Love

There’s an article I was recommended to by a friend of mine HERE. I’ve had some time to think about it – really think about it and I’d like to share my thoughts now. The article on Thought Catalog is shared from a woman’s point of view who went through heart break with a love that can only be described as intense, chaotic, and turbulent. The title of it is, “Why I Hope My Ex Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Kind Of Love”. She describes the love she shared with her ex boyfriend as raw, passionate, all-encompassing, and emotional. Her conclusion is that she doesn’t want that kind of love again because it was too much for her.

It’s This Kind of Love or Bust For Me

As I’ve had time to think about this now, I realize that this is the only kind of love I want. I don’t want mediocre. I don’t want safe. I’ve had safe. It turns you into roommates. I’ve also had the kind of love described here. It completely transformed me, my life direction, and who I am today.

I haven’t talked about twin flames in a long time, but that meaning – that frame of reference fits the theme of this kind of love. Deep connection that completely turns your life upside down. I can’t do anything but that. It’s so transformative. It compels you to look at yourself and to become the next strongest version of yourself.

I spent 7 long months getting over the disconnect from that kind of love last year. It was the most intense and difficult 7 months of my life, but it transformed me into a new person – a stronger and more enlightened version of myself. And I realized that that new person was still just a rookie in life, barely scratching the surface of his potential and strength.

This kind of love enhances you. I think when you first experience this kind of love, you probably won’t be able to handle it. You’ll discover all your weaknesses and insecurities. And the love you have with whoever it is that is intense will probably end. Because one or both of you aren’t ready for it. You can’t handle it. However, if you do the work on yourself to understand it and to strengthen yourself, I believe you can be ready for it in the future, either with them again or someone else.

My response to this article is best summed up by this image below. This is what I think about that article. I don’t agree with the author. She’s just playing it safe because she’s afraid to get hurt again. Nobody wants to get hurt. There is no reward without risk. I cannot do mediocre. I want this deep and passionate love – even if I get hurt again – because I know I will learn lessons and become an even stronger version of myself.

If I feel mediocre occurring in any potential relationship interaction with someone, I feel completely turned off, regardless of how beautiful or amazing I think that person is. I won’t ever do mediocre and I’ll walk away and never look back if that’s all that is going to occur.

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3 thoughts on “A Response to My Ex Was a Once In a Lifetime Kind of Love

  1. Completely agree with you on this one – even more with a twin flame. Once you’ve been shown the depths of possibility, how can you ever settle for less afterwards?

  2. For me, one interesting consequence of having experienced that sort of love, was that I was *then* forced to work enough on my self-love in order to match it. I felt that was probably one of the main requirements in order to be able to handle the intensity.

    That was a huge hurdle for me, as the place where I stood before the experience was enough to be considered self-hate, far beyond just lacking in confidence. When I came out on the other side though, I had not only conquered my biggest problem, I had also, as a consequence, overcome most of my issues related with loneliness – I began genuinely enjoying my own company more than any mediocre connection.

    So yes Jeremy, stay steadfast until you hit your jackpot.

  3. I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on what you’ve written here. I think you dramatically misunderstood this woman. I read her post and felt every single word with a singe of pain. I experienced what she did and was able to escape it. It was emotional as in abusive and intense as in verbally harsh. I wasn’t in an “abusive” relationship but there were extreme highs and lows. Shortly after I mended from that relationship, I met a man who loved me deep to my core and supported me. I would describe that relationship as extraordinary, mad, passionate love. We were on fire for each other and felt deeply and intensely connected on all levels. So I agree that THAT is what I want, I don’t agree that that was what this woman was describing.

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