Adventures In City Creek Part 1

Today, I spent a few hours at City Creek Center here in Utah. My primary goal was to get some selfies with people. What I noticed, however, is that most people that I asked to take a selfie with me, looked at me like I was crazy. I would just say, Hey, let’s take a selfie. And I got weird looks or responses and did not achieve a single selfie today. But that’s OK. I made the attempt and got some great reference experiences as well as a couple phone numbers out of it.

Perhaps I will take time to get to know the people more and say, Hey, look, I’m doing a project for my website on courage and asking strangers for selfies, would you help me in this project? We’ll see what that yields tomorrow.

Here’s a picture I did get, not quite a selfie, but with a gal’s dog I met who I approached in person. I’m learning the power of approaching random people in person, especially women who I find attractive and the courage, confidence, and drive that is giving me. I’m going to be doing this more :).

To just throw myself out there and just revel in the experience. It’s such a good way to learn detachment and become a stronger version of yourself. And it’s not easy – to get over the initial approach anxiety. Not many can do it – or make the choice to do it. I struggled with it today, but was still able to make approaches, but probably missed out on about 20 or so opportunities even so, some with some very beautiful, feminine women. As I do this more, I know I won’t miss opportunities for I will improve and be better at it :).

Here’s one example where an approach worked well and I got a picture with a woman’s dog :).

Me with a dog of a gal I met at City Creek Center, SLC, UT

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