Be Centered Regardless of What Comes At You

This year has been full of so many lessons for me and one in particular stands out. When I wrote about the wizard in the storm, it was a depiction of how to be centered, calm, and strong no matter what happens to you. I love this philosophy because it has now become a part of who I am. I have integrated a new way of being into who I am and it feels fantastic. It doesn’t mean I’m immune to fear or insecurities. It does mean I am very centered and quick to recover from any setbacks.

Speaking of “setbacks”, here’s a few I’ve experienced since being out on my own for about a month now:

Lost my passport, social security card, and birth certificate

How to handle this? Easy – I let myself get frustrated at myself for an hour or two and then I did the work online to figure out what to do to replace them. The birth certificate and social security card are already on their way and it just cost me a bit of cash to do it. The passport will take a little longer, but it’s no big deal. Problem solved.

I strained my calf muscle

I strained my right calf muscle yesterday. Poor thing :( However, it’s doing better today than yesterday. The fun thing was is that I can still walk – albeit like a walking dead zombie. But I had a smile on my face at work and continued to try and lead like I normally do.

I got spiders in my place

My new place has some spiders in it! Oh no – I just squash the little buggers and I’m done with them. I could complain that there are spiders – or I could deal with them and just tell my land lord. It’s a much better option to just be proactive.

Just be centered and focus on your purpose

Through my learnings this year, I’ve realized that it’s up to me to decide what things mean to me. If I injure myself, it just means I learned more about what can go wrong. If someone decides not to respond to me, it just means they have a reason – they’re just not interested and it’s their loss. If I lose things, I can replace them. To be centered is to be happy and at peace regardless of what is going on around you. This lesson has been the biggest of my life and it is quite a leap from where I was before it.

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