Believe In Yourself In the Face of Doubt

aaragorn_chargeBelieve In Yourself in the Face of Doubt – One of the great book trilogies of all time is Lord of the Rings. When they were created as movies, I was ecstatic. In the 3rd movie, The Return of the King, Aragorn and company rush to the Black Gate of Mordor in order to draw Sauron’s attention away from the two hobbits carrying the ring of power to Mount Doom to destroy it. It’s a bold and desperate move in the face of impossible odds.

I’ll add a clip here of what Aragorn does just before this encounter in the face of these impossible odds.¬†He speaks to the Mouth of Sauron who tells them the hobbits are dead, throwing Frodo’s mithril shirt at him to add insult to injury. Aragorn says something that has stood with me as I’ve faced doubt within myself or I think it’s just me that is crazy with my thoughts this year. Here is the clip and watch and listen to what he says at the very end.

He says, “I do not believe it. I will not.” Probably not an easy thing to say when the evidence SEEMS overwhelming that the hobbits are dead. My intuition tells me that there are times when the evidence seems overwhelming to me that I simply have a delusional mind about some of the things I think. It’s quite possible that my mind has conjured it all up to try and make myself feel better :). As I now seek to fill the role of Director at work for my team, I have the same doubts anyone else would – but I still believe in myself.

In regards to my crazy thoughts this year, there is something else at play. I can’t quite describe it. It’s a feeling I suppose that my intuition is right even in the face of what seems to be the opposite. I feel like Aragorn here in regards to what seems like terrible news – I do not believe it. I will not. If this makes me delusional in my own world, so be it :). Here is the charge Aragorn leads at the black gate. He goes in first. I feel like this right now – I am charging in to what seems like my demise, but believe my intuition to do it.

Perhaps when my life is about to reach its end I will find I am wrong about everything. But as I said above – I don’t believe it. I will not. It’s a lonely road to believe in something when nobody close to you does. But that’s okay – it gives me great respect for anyone trying to lead a great cause or do something nobody else is willing to do. It makes me respect leaders even more for that is what a leader does – what other people aren’t willing to do.

What does your intuition tell you about me as a visitor to my site? Am I completely nuts? Do you believe what I’m saying or roll your eyes? Regardless of your reaction or thought, I suppose I am a little nuts. I’ve written day after day for about 4 months now. You have to be a little crazy to do that – but I am enjoying the writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas. It’s a great test in courage for me to do this every day. I figure if I can write nearly every day for the next 30 years, I will have over 9,000 articles on my website. It will literally be an encyclopedia on its own and it will be all personalized from me. That is a legacy worth leaving behind.

This doesn’t apply to just me in my own life. It applies to you if you have¬†dreams, goals, aspirations, or anything you feel strongly about. Chances are, it’s going to be difficult to get it. But it will be your ability to believe in yourself that keeps you going and moving toward it.

As I wrote yesterday, I feel warm and a sense of love over me. Like there is a force that is telling me everything is going to be OK and that I’m not crazy and that life and time will figure things out so long as I stay the course. To believe in yourself in the face of doubt is to be like Aragorn. You believe no matter what the odds are against you. And you charge forward, head on, even when it seems like suicide to do so. And so I believe in myself, even though the odds and evidence are stacked against me.

Sending you all my love, whoever you are reading this. May your day be filled with growth oriented experiences, fun, laughter, and learning :).

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