Bucket Listing In Santa Clara, CA

From May 23rd to May 30th, I’ll be in Santa Clara, CA. I’m going to be speaking at a web performance conference with a member of my team from work. I’m really excited to go do this. The conference is a techy/nerdy conference for company web performance and infrastructure and I’ll be talking about how our team helped our company¬†improve performance and what it took to get there. This happens on Wednesday, May 27th. Look! I’m a speaker :).

The rest of the time, I’ll have all to myself. Because Monday will be Memorial Day, I only have to take 4 days off from work. The rest of the time, I’ll have all to myself to create whatever reality I want. Here’s what I have so far:

I’m flying into San Jose via Delta on Saturday, May 23rd. I have a hotel booked in Santa Clara, CA from May 23rd to May 30th. I fly back from San Jose on May 30th. So far, I have no idea how I’m going to get from the airport to the hotel I’m staying at in Santa Clara, CA. But that’s part of the fun! Also, these trips are starting to add up in cost, so I need to continue to find ways to earn extra income outside of my day job. I have child support and alimony that really make these trips costly – but that is part of my life deal right now :) I don’t care, I really love traveling a lot!

So besides speaking in front of a group of people, I’ll have a week in California to do whatever I want. I won’t know a single person except my team-mate who I will see on Tuesday. Beyond that, I’ll have to put myself to the test to rapidly get to know people in the Santa Clara, CA area. I looked at couch surfing, but in the end, found a relatively inexpensive hotel to stay at.

What To Do For My 3rd Trip to California?

Here’s my initial list of things I want to do while in California:

  • Go see Google – and just talk to random people near the Google area and see what kinds of conversations I can strike up.
  • Go see Stanford – I’ve heard great things about Stanford.
  • Go see any and all the parks as many as I can visit while in Santa Clara.
  • Try to catch up with at least one person that I already know in California.
  • Hitch hike – I’m thinking from the San Jose airport to my hotel will be a really good opportunity to do this. I can at least try and see how it goes.
  • Take my basketball with me and find a court to play at outside, in California.
  • Get as close as I can to the Apple headquarters and see if I can meet anyone there.
  • Rent a bike and helmet so I can get around faster.
  • Visit a couple bars and eateries and strike up more conversations with people.
  • And many more…

One of the things I’m excited about for this trip is I’ll be in a new location in California. I’ll likely reactivate my Tinder account for a week to see if I can meet up with anyone. One thing I’ve thought about doing is flying into San Jose, hopping on Tinder, and not having a hotel booked at all, but seeing if someone on Tinder will let me couch surf. I have a lot to offer a host in terms of conversation, tech skills, and overall fun, so this would certainly be pretty ballsy to do. I have a few weeks to cancel my hotel reservation if I indeed want to give this a try. I’m seriously considering it :). It would make for one hell of a story. I could also book a hotel for one day and then I’d have all next day to make the couch surf attempt on Tinder :).

Beyond this, I want to just get out, adventure, and have fun. I truly wish I had the money to do more of this stuff, however, this is my 3rd trip this year, so I can’t complain :). I’ll have to work harder on the extra money side as I realize that if I had all the money in the world – money was no object, I would travel all over the United States, and then all over the world and meet people and create experiences – I truly value people and experiences over things, any day of the week. I mean, just look at my list here, it’s REALLY exciting. I can’t wait…

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