It’s kind of an interesting thing I felt today. I work at as a manager of a team of 5 people. I feel on fire with the direction my life is going – like I have followed my gut and made a really hard choice, but the absolute right choice. I had a number of meetings today with people as I work to help the business I work for achieve its goals. While talking to my boss after giving him a presentation, he casually said to me that the CTO does this kind of thing a lot. I thought to myself how much I LOVE to present and talk to people.

It made me think about my day job and where I’m going. I remember talking to our CTO about 4 years ago, who is no longer there and asking him about his job and how he thinks. From then to now, I feel much more equipped to think about and understand what exactly needs to happen from a CTO of a large Internet business. Then I thought this:

I will become the CTO. I don’t know when this will occur. But I felt it very strongly today – that the things I am doing for the business matter. And it’s not so much about that either – it’s about the person I am becoming by the things I am doing for the business. It’s about the fears I am facing both at work and outside of work. I’m doing things to face my fears that I’ve never done before including talking to complete strangers.

There’s risk in the things I’m doing – mostly in the form of rejection or people not reciprocating with me. The worst that could happen is I lose my job and can’t afford to pay my fair share of alimony and child support. That’s not too big a risk in my opinion because of the opposite – being like most everyone else who just does enough to get by and through the day. I choose to do all that I possibly can and I notice that those who are higher level architects and managers and have a philosophy more geared to that.

I think the CTO of a corporation needs to be a great communicator, presenter, visionary, and have repoire with the people in his organization. The CTO should inspire others to make his vision become a reality and reward those who help make it a success. I know what it will take to be CTO. It will take me building more repoire with those around me and being an inspiring and skillful master of my craft.

That’s it really. I will be the CTO someday. Mark my words.

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