Death Bed Regret Minimization

Today, I had an experience where I said something to someone and it felt really good to say and get out there. It’s part of the philosophy of death bed regret minimization. It means that if you feel or want something that you at least go for it, make the attempt, and see what happens. Because nothing to me will be worse than laying on my death bed sometime in the future and wishing I would have taken that risk or given something a shot.

Certainly, there’s value in playing it safe at times so as not to cause too much disruption. But damn it, even in the last 4 months now, there’s been too many instances where I didn’t step up to and honor my feelings or something I wanted to go for and instead shrieked back in the shadows. I won’t do it anymore. I’m going to go for what I want and if I get rejected or fail, that’s good. Because I made the attempt. I said what I had to say or did what I had to do.

I won’t leave things unresolved anymore – at least with the things I can control. If I feel unresolved in some way, I will try to understand why. And if there’s something I can say or do to honor what my body is feeling, then I will do that. If something at work is not going right, I will bring it up. And I’ll do it from a place of strength.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t made progress in the last four months. Oh man, I feel light years ahead of where I was four months ago. But I feel the stir in me – the need to push further and stretch myself. And that starts today with no fear. I will respect people and honor their wishes – but I’ll also speak what is on my mind.

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