Embrace Where You’re At

Music, courtesy of King’s Bounty, the Legend

Embrace where you are at in your life. Your journey is what is special, nothing more, nothing less. The way for you to see it is this: you have different ways you can think about your life and the events unfolding. One, you can be frustrated, angry, depressed, or disappointed. That’s one way to give meaning to your life.

Or, you can give meaning as you embrace everything that happens – the failures, the sickness, the pain, the sorrow, the struggle, and then the success, health, happiness, and triumph. Each is part of the experience.

However, when you find a way to embrace both success and failure, you’ll be detached from outcomes and simply be one who experiences life to its fullest. This is an attractive quality.

  • If you’re a teenager who is frustrated that your parents won’t let you drive, embrace it.
  • If you lost your job and wonder what to do, embrace it.
  • If you’re 30 pounds overweight, embrace it.
  • If you just got dumped by your significant other, embrace it.
  • If you just broke your arm, experience the cast and embrace it.
  • If you’re stressed out, laugh at it and embrace it.
  • If you’re feeling depressed, play the music here and embrace it.
  • If you’re dead tired and can’t keep your eyes open, embrace it.
  • If you just missed a golden opportunity, laugh at yourself, and embrace it.
  • If you tried and failed, be curious about that, and embrace it.

Life is you against you and that is the greatest and most worthy challenge. Embrace that challenge each and every day.

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