Feel MY Strength


“Strength is not being fearless. The man can have plenty of fear. The strength of a man comes in making a firm decision while staring directly at that fear and saying BRING IT. True strength comes with knowing what he wants and being willing to go all in and risk for it. True strength comes from following what you know internally is the right direction for your life and making the decision to go for it.” – Jeremy Noel Johnson

That’s another one of my quotes. As I think about my own strength returning – even with my fears remaining, I know that strength now is moving forward with what you feel in your gut to be right even though it is terrifying. This is how I am doing it.

Feel my strength – in an uncertain world. The very ground shakes as I walk, forging a new path ahead to greatness. Open yourself up to receive this strength and certainty in a world that is full of uncertainty. The cocoon is burst and the man walks along now, having taken care of what he needs to in order to be able to fully give of his strength and care and for you to receive it. I cannot and will not be broken and I won’t live life from a place of fear ever again.

Feel my power, for the power of the man comes in certainty in life. It comes in being able to guide and direct toward something greater than what was previously there. The power is in the choices in a life where there is no looking back and loading a saved game. The man’s power is his ability to withstand the barrage in life – from his work, from those around him, and especially from you. The man’s power is in being able to stand tall and absorb all that you can throw at him and test him with and still look you in the eye and tell you to feel his strength.

Feel my drive. The man’s drive to create something meaningful, when unleashed, is an amazing thing. It can cause him to write every day, start his business now knowing what his passion is. I am here on this planet to heal people and open them up. I am a coach of others who need guidance and certainty in their life.

Feel my certainty. The man knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of what might be. He opens his arms and welcomes what he desires with strength. Regardless, the man will forge on and create his dreams, passion, and vision no matter what anyone else around him decides to do or think of him. The certainty comes from a place of strength and making a choice to do so.

Feel my love. The man knows where he’s faltered and made his mistakes. He recognizes it and comes to a place where he will never let that happen again. He shows his love by being always honest and able to remember and listen to what was said, even if he doesn’t comprehend why. He’s not perfect, but his love and care is. He set in motion now what needed to be and what he struggled to finally do and he comes from a place of love and strength, willing to give of that strength and his certainty and warmth to the one who will receive it.

This is the strength of a man who has gone through most of his dark night – the dark night of his soul and is at his center and aligned with his mission, vision, and purpose in life.

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2 thoughts on “Feel MY Strength

  1. Holy shit! I found your website after watching one of youtube videos playing the guitar. Wish my man would act like this. What you have going on, but you really feel strong about something is to be admired.

  2. Hi Tasha – thanks for sharing that. You are right in that I feel very strong about something. It’s because I do and I am never going to live from fear again. I know what I want and am going to live that way. Thanks for sharing your comment – by the way, which guitar video of mine did you watch?

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