Friendship Through Shared Experiences

friendshipOne of the things I’ve realized this year is how you can form some very meaningful friendships with people through the experiences you’ve shared each in your own lives. And the more intense the shared experience, the greater the friendship. As I’ve sought out answers to my deepest questions this year, some of the answers have come in the form of new friendships from those who understand my experiences by having gone through them just like me. And the experiences are shared independently by us, yet we understand each other completely.


Shared Trials and Shared Love

As I think about some of the new people I’ve met – I think about how I met them and how quickly we formed friendship. Earlier in the year, I had a really hard time with some things. My brain was wracked trying to make sense of my emotions. Often times, all I could do was lay down and cry it out. What can I say, I was a big baby. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the difficulty I had earlier in the year.

I thought to myself, “Jeez, am I the only person who is going through this? I mean, am I just a nut case here?” To that end, I searched for answers. I was amazed to learn that, NO, I was not the only person who had an “invisible cord connection” with someone. There were others. And they described their situations and how they unfolded in the exact same way that it did for me. It was uncanny. Finally, I had a framework to understand what was going on.

I found that as I talked to people and told them about my experience (making sure to ensure privacy for those involved in my situation) that there was an immediate friendship formed. The intensity of both of our experiences was like both of us had gone to the same battle to fight in life and so we understood each other as fellow soldiers in the experience. We both know what it feels like to feel love so strong that you are nearly destroyed by it. I’m thankful to have met people and formed friendship through this shared intense experience that continues on to this day.

What Have you Gone Through?

The biggest thing I can share for you now is – what have you gone through in your life? What experiences have you had that you could share with someone else and form a friendship? Never in a million years would I believe I’d be forming new friendships with people based on the Twin Flame experience and finding a way to learn from and uplift each other as we both seek to understand it.

Perhaps you’ve had some hard experiences in your child hood. Maybe you’ve had some money issues. Or relationships issues. Or emotional issues. Or addiction issues. Whatever it is, I can almost guarantee you that there are other people who have had the same difficult experience. Reaching out to others who have faced the same challenge is therapeutic in a way. You realize that you are not alone in the experience and can get additional perspectives.

As I seek to live with truth, love, and courage, I find that engaging in dialog about my experience (and respecting privacy where needed), is very healthy. Instead of keeping this experience bottled up, I am able to help release it and learn from others, which has been a big key for me learning to harness the intense energy of my own experience this year. Were I not able to learn to harness the intense energy, I wonder what might have become of me. I credit this learning to having good new friends who were willing to engage in dialog with me.

Sending Love

I send you my love, whoever you are reading this. Whatever you are going through, it helps to talk about it if you can. Ultimately, you will decide what things mean to you and that is how it should be. But it doesn’t hurt to find others in the same boat to get their perspective. Maybe what they say is helpful, maybe it isn’t. But it is another thing you can try :).

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