Giving Back

Giving BackAs I look back on this year so far, a big┬álesson is that I’ve been very selfish and insensitive to people, their feelings, and their desires in life. I’ve felt very strong feelings and emotions for sure, however, I’ve been terrible at keeping them to myself. I can’t go back and correct this – it’s already done. The past is the past and the game of life cannot be reloaded. All I can do is try to plot a better course now for the future and just have the belief in myself that somehow, things will turn out well for everyone.

I’ve been busted wide open this year – every flaw has been revealed and every mistake dangled right before me to see. I feel an ache inside of me for the pain and disruption I’ve caused to others. I have to make a big change in the way I’m living my life – instead of being selfish and continuing to focus on myself, I need to give back. And maybe by giving back, somehow the miracle of helping others will start to unfold in a way I can’t comprehend at this time.

How To Give Back?

There are two primary ways to give back that I see – time and money. I can give of my time and I can give of my money. To start this process, I donated a sum of money to a person who has been really helpful to me through the pain I’ve been going through this summer. To me, it was just a little bit of money. But they responded with this for the donation I made: “Oh my gracious Jeremy, that’s all the money in the world!”

Finally, I feel like I’ve done something good for someone. As I look back this year, I haven’t given back to anyone. As I think about it now, here are some ways I can give back – these are ways that don’t involve me getting paid for what I am doing.

1. Never contact someone who doesn’t want to be contacted by you

When someone asks you never to contact them again, don’t try and read into it. Take the statement for what it says and let them live their life. I can give back by listening to this and doing it. Even if they don’t give a reason, there’s obviously something done that has made them want you out of their life.

2. Call people in your family/friends circle just to say HI

Most of the time when we get a phone call it is because someone needs something. Very rarely do people call you because they just want to talk. Often times it takes a crisis in your life before you’ll be contacted to see if you are OK. I can give back by calling people close to me just to say HI and nothing else.

3. Volunteer of my time to help others

This is something I’ve thought about doing, but never really taken the time to do it. I’m so busy with work and life that often times I don’t think about taking an hour or two on a weekend to go assist others. My greatest strengths are teaching and perhaps there is a way I can start finding opportunities there.

4. Continue to donate sums of money to causes and people I believe in

I donated some money to a person and their business of helping others through counseling and using their gift of intuition to read people and their situations. I have 3 sources of income I can draw from to donate a portion of each month – even if it is a small amount – my work paycheck, stock investing, and peer to peer lending interest earned. This means I will have to turn off the automated investing in order to withdraw a portion of the money, but that’s OK. I can then take that money and find a worthy cause or person to give back to.

5. Send out love and care from a distance to those I care about

There are people I care about deeply. The only thing I can do for some of them is to send love and care from a distance. To send positive energy and love for them in their life. I wake up each day thankful for a new day. I will add to this spending a few minutes to deeply focus and send love, care, and support to others.

These are five things I know I can start doing today. I’ve also thought about doing workshops and seminars as I’ve built up quite the knowledge base of things to talk about. For you in your life, you cannot go back and correct the past. You cannot go back and erase any pain you’ve caused other people. You can only move forward and do the best you can and if any miracles occur because of that, that is a bonus.

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