In The Zone

Jeremy Noel Johnson Basketball ShotBeing “in the zone” is one of the most awesome feelings you’ll ever have. When you are in the zone, everything is flowing in your life – you can do no wrong and abundance and success come to you as easy as the air you breathe. Today, I was in the zone. It carried over into playing basketball. I loved it! I played basketball during lunch with some of my favorite people and the jump shot was falling, the passes were crisp, I was soaring for rebounds, and I was dribbling up the court like Magic Johnson running the point position. I cannot describe to you how happy I was playing basketball today and how everything just fell into place.

The drive to and from work, the interaction with everyone there – it all was magic, as if some invisible force has “plugged” itself back into me and I feel a soaring energy. There is something special about being in the zone. I don’t know the mystery of what causes it for other people – but for myself, I felt an electricity that jolted me in a way to do and be more than I would otherwise naturally do. It felt supercharged, centered, and like it had oriented itself back to what it really feels – pure joy and happiness that it hadn’t experienced for a while. Perhaps the one on the other side of the cord has been spending some time doing something they really love to do.

The zone also happens when you live life without expectations on yourself or others. Earlier in this year, there was a period of time where I lived a philosophy focused on love, care, and just being present in the given moment. When I did this, magical things occurred in my life. It’s when I became too focused on what the future might bring or being needy and insecure that the zone crumbled there. I feel it back in me – living in the present – being free – living for the moment. That philosophy showed me my true path earlier in the year.

What does this mean for you? When you live in the present each day and release your expectations for others and yourself, you will radiate a divine kind of love and enthusiasm for life that is contagious. The team I was on during lunch basketball won all our games. I actually had to sit out a game and everyone on the team was sad and said they didn’t want to play anymore because their leader was gone. That made me feel so good – to be recognized for my gifts and called a leader. I honestly wanted to cry, but not in front of the guys!

Another thing of note – I got a standing desk at work! It’s been so nice for my back and I feel like I put off a good vibe for this to happen. The desk has electronic controls on it to go up and down. It is further evidence to me that if you put off a good vibe – one of love, confidence, and strength from within, you will attract much good into your life.

Standing Desk

At work, I feel like I am doing the right things. I don’t know if I’ll get a raise, a big bonus, or some kind of promotion for it. But it doesn’t matter. Because I am doing what feels right for me – to be a leader and guide people. It is what I was born to do. My life purpose is very simple – it is to lead and guide people through life and to feel and embrace the connection and love I’ve felt this year. Even if that love is only just me, that is actually fine – because the love is so profound and life changing, that understanding it and letting it fuel me in my life is important to me. Certainly there are other important aspects to my life – I have children and my family. But living in the present moment, my top values in life are clear and the zone is something I’m sure I will experience more and more.

As I am in this zone today, I feel a presence on its way back, it’s the feeling of coming home I talked about earlier this month while I oscillate back and forth.

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