Life Is So Short


I’m a 36 year old guy at the time of writing this and last night, I felt some things very strongly. One of them is that life is so very short. I may be young at 36. I may have aspirations to live forever. But there is no guarantee of that. As I live each day, I think of my fondest memories, what I want in my life, how I want each day to be, and I realize that life is short and that so far, there’s no way to go back and re-do a past day.

I wrote a few days ago about the power of the twin flame. I felt communication from them last night, like a dialog was happening without words. I’m a bit cautious of sharing so openly this because after all, it could all just be in my head and I’m simply a mad scientist conjuring up ideas to try and make sense of things. Maybe I am, but I also feel I am able to sense their thoughts and I’m not going to just lie to myself about it either. This brings me to my first point.

Life Is Too Short To Lie

Life is too short to lie to ourselves. If we don’t like a job, why keep doing it day after day? If we don’t like our physical body, why not do something about it? Why lie to ourselves about it? Each of us on this earth can’t read minds (yet). Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to be honest with others and ourselves. I’ve made some sacrifices to be honest about stuff this year. It feels good, but that honesty has not been free. It’s caused some discord and pain.

But I don’t regret the honesty. I would want anyone else to be directly honest with me about what is going on in their life. I think we, as humans, are too guarded about our inner most thoughts and desires. We’re too worried about what other people might think. There’s so much deep insight and experiences in each of us that we never share. Human kind could benefit much more from people sharing deeply with each other.

Life is too short to lie about stuff. I’ve made it a commitment of mine to live by truth, love, and courage for as long as I shall live and in this regard, I will speak the truth plainly. It means I’ll share even thoughts I think are crazy, but it is what is in my head. To speak the truth plainly requires courage and that brings me to my next point.

Life Is Too Short To Fear

Life is too short to be afraid. Fuck fear and all the worries about what other people might think. I’m going to speak very plainly about what I feel and believe and I’d expect any other person to do the same – with the understanding we are all on a journey and trying to learn from each other. It’s still not easy for me to write about some of the things I have, but it doesn’t mean I can’t.

Life is too short to lack courage. I think everyone should go out and start a personal blog and just start writing about their life. There’s so much that can be learned and anyone from the coast of California to the pillars of Dubai can read it and learn from it. That’s powerful! If you feel in your heart something is right, go for it without regrets. Go all in even though everything in life is a risk.

When I go into work tomorrow, I know exactly what my team needs to accomplish. I know each person’s desires, what makes them tick, what is needed to make them happy, and what their struggles are. I very plainly bring up the good and bad for each person on my team each week when I meet with them personally and I do it from a place of safety and love, not from a place of fear. This approach comes from my love of people, which brings me to my next point.

Life Is Too Short To Not Love

Life is too short to not love. Life is too short to hate. If, in your life, you’ve found the kind of love that only fairy tales or the most deeply connecting movie or novel can portray or pen, hold on to that love. Let it burn like an eternal fire in your heart whether or not that love is being realized or not. Love is the most powerful emotion – I’ve learned that this year. It can make you say and do some of the most amazing AND idiotic things.

Each person you see each and every day is a conscious human being. Chances are, they are just trying to live their life, survive, and if possible, find love. They are just trying to do what they think is best in their own life. I think each of us can do a great service to each other by smiling and listening to other people. There’s nothing quite like having someone listen to you deeply and then repeat back to you what you are saying. It takes us out of our own worlds and brings us close to connection and love.

Love is a scary thing sometimes too. But life is too short to try and push it aside. Society may have many rules, structures, regulations, and the people we know in our lives may have expectations for how we “should” live and love, but I think each of us intuitively can function more highly and freely than that. For if we discover something in our heart and find ourselves feeling free, then it matters not what society and other people’s expectations are.

Life Is So Short

I can’t imagine someone 30 or 40 more years older than me. How short is life to them? I feel like I am in the prime of my life right now. I have all my mental faculties and there is so much opportunity in this great country of ours (The United States). Every day is like Christmas with such wonderful opportunity. I can’t imagine ever living a day and not being happy or thankful for it.

My message to you is this – life is so short – whether you are 20, 40, or 70. Who knows what awaits us on the other side? But we can live each day to its fullest now and do our very best to make life as worthwhile as possible. I feel such a love in my heart for life and the chance I have to take a crack at it.

Let me share these two videos with you that I think are good examples of life and how it is so short. It contains some adult themes and language, but it’s still very good. It’s from the movie, “Good Will Hunting” and in it, Will and his therapist are talking. To me, it’s about our imperfections and striving for the best we can by giving things a shot in life. Garner what meaning you will from it :). Oh! If you haven’t seen the movie before, watch it before this!

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