Live Free, Die Well

One of the best ways you can live your life is the philosophy “live free, die well.” It means to look from within for the things you know your body is telling you. Chances are, it will be the things that scare the hell out of you. For me, this has been making the decision to go out and be single in my life. I know that is my path to go forward. I maintain a very healthy friendship with Heidi and our two girls, which I’m thankful for.

To live free is to live fearlessly. This doesn’t mean you don’t have fear. But it does mean you approach situations with full confidence and effort. If you feel the need to say something in your gut, you make the effort. You feel fear – but you live fearlessly. There’s a big difference. It takes GUTS to move forward with something even when you feel anxiety or fear in your stomach. This sets you apart if you find a way to act anyway.

Live free and die well. It’s the motto I’ve adopted.

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