Man on a Mission


“There’s nothing more sexy than a man on a mission,” a woman told me last night while watching the classic movie, “Somewhere In Time.” In it, Christopher Reeve (rest his soul) plays a young man who is enchanted with the picture of a woman on the wall – the picture you see here. He goes through a series of clues before going back in time to actually meet this woman. He makes it his mission to find her and his entire energy and focus is put into this.

Understanding my mission has been a personal quest of mine for a while now. Finding that thing that obsesses me and drives me to work long hours to insert it into the world as value to others. I’ve tried making a game, mobile app, doing websites, investing, life coaching, and writing. All of these are activities that appeal to me.

However, there has been one glaring theme that keeps driving me in the things that I do. And that is getting out of my comfort zone, meeting people, and becoming the next strongest version of myself. I feel like a mentor and guide in this area, particularly for younger people. I feel a deep satisfaction when I’m able to help someone push past whatever they are struggling with.

So, what is my mission? Or at least, my current mission? Because I believe we evolve as people over time and that current endeavors can be called done. It seems to share my story of the last few years and how I pushed past the two most difficult events of my life and actually turned them into positive experiences and become a stronger version of myself through it.

I’ve been writing in a journal ever since early March of 2014. This journal is extremely personal to me and there are things I won’t share publicly. However, there are so many lessons learned in here that I think I can turn into a book. And what form that book takes is the current thought process I am going through. I’ve thought about making it a non-fiction book and just sharing the details of my life. But what might be a little more interesting is something I’ve had an idea for a long time now – a romance novel.

The challenges I’ve gone through in the last couple years are most definitely related to romance. And most romance novels are too shallow. They lack the depth of what’s really going on in the mind of the character. Or they focus too much on the physical interaction instead of the connection. And they leave out the development and growth of the characters. I think I can take my experiences over the last couple years and create a work of fiction for a romance novel in a way that hasn’t been done before. And I’m really excited about this prospect.

This work will begin, immediately tonight. When I have a title and basic concept, I’ll share it here. But I’ll just share this – it’s going to blow your mind, and if you’re a woman, it’ll change your perspective on men forever.

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