Men, Give Your Strength To Others

If you’re a man, give of your strength to others. You have masculine energy, power, presence, and capability that can influence others and be a force for good. Don’t ever let any kind of “setback” diminish this energy. Feel, if you must, for a time, then get back to exuding your presence to others. Do not expect anything in return. Your presence is your gift to the world.

Focus on giving your strength. To do this, be very mindful of the words you give to your mind and that you emit verbally. Your words are powerful, your body language too. Consistently focus on words and body language that give of your presence to others. Regardless of what is going on or happening to you, this will put you in a state to be a powerful influence and force for good.

The world needs men of strength. Those with integrity and presence to give to others. Be that, men.

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