Pure Love

knightingIt may be interesting to find a man writing about pure love. As I sit here and thinkĀ about what I should write about, I find that this ritual of thought has become a habit now – writing just about every day. And typically it takes only a few minutes for something to present itself to me such that I can be a conduit for it. Tonight, pure love is what came into my mind. Finding a picture that represents what it means to me was not very hard to find either. And so I will write about it to you now.

Pure love transcends anything we simple humans can construct to try and understand it in our lives. Pure love bypasses all – friendship, family, relationships, marriages, all of it. Pure love does not have a “label” that needs to be attached for it to be present. Pure love can exist in any situation no matter what the social construct or standing of the people involved is. Pure love shatters fear and the worries of life.

Pure love is the ability to love when one does not understand why they love. Pure love is the ability to love even when one does not love back. Pure love is like a stout warrior – able to take any blow or action of the recipient of their love and absorb it – even accepting it as part of what the other person needs to do in their life. Pure love exists even without an understanding of why another has done the things they have done. It does not love based on the actions or reciprocation of another. It exists by choice and is not tied to decisions.

Pure love is an open mind to the unlimited possibilities that lie beyond the individual and their own mind. For one person’s mind, no matter how brilliant, is still just one mind and limited to just their own thoughts and experiences. Pure love recognizes that others have independent thoughts and reasons for what they do and it loves just the same.

I’m listening to the song from Gladiator, “Now We Are Free.” It’s a great piece of music that helps me feel peace and it also brings back one of my fondest memories, for it used to be my alarm that would go off early in the morning. I have to confess, I don’t see pure love happen too often in my life. It’s like the four leaf clover, except more rare. Even in my own life where I have felt it, my own human nature sometimes gets in the way and I’ll say or do something that drives it away. Such is the nature of my own imperfection.

I think pure love is really hard to sustain, but the drive it brings is like having a second engine in a car. When I live from a place of pure love, it is like being in the bubble phase of an intense relationship – where the ideas, giving, and love flow as freely as water – except that it happens from just one person in that instance – the one with pure love. I want to share how I felt driving home today:

While driving home, I started to listen to John Denver like I usually do. I was just driving along and then I felt an enormous wave of sadness hit me (this happened on Tuesday, July 22nd at 5:20 PM MST). It was not something I was expecting to happen. I don’t know where the sadness came from – was it just a chemical reaction in my body, did the invisible cord somehow transmit that signal, or was it something else? I’m just not sure – regardless, it happened and for the first time since May, I actually felt like I might cry again – not knowing why, except that that was what I was meant to feel in that moment.

As I felt this sadness for a minute or two, I focused very intently on pure love and happiness. I felt thankful to have the opportunities that I have. I gave thanks for my children and family. I gave thanks for the one on the other side of the invisible cord. I thought intently about that and my greatest fear that I have drivenĀ them away outright or they are afraid of being near me.

I remember having a conversation with them once about understanding each other’s minds and how if you understood the mind of another completely, maybe that would make it boring. But I confess that the mind of the one on the other side of the invisible cord is an utter mystery to me :). But I didn’t focus too much on that. Instead I did this:

I played the music from John Denver, Annie’s Song, in the car and cranked down the windows and the volume to max. I sang it with every ounce of energy I had while I drove home. I sang Rocky Mountain High (from John Denver as well) as loud as I could. I focused on the miracle that is life and the fact that I am alive to even be able to think the thoughts I do is something I’m extremely thankful for. I finished by singing John Denver’s Country Roads and thought of a fond memory of singing that in the car on the freeway months ago.

I guess what I’m saying is that pure love can conquer any fear or doubt that you may have. I’m trying to be a “real man” but I left something out I think. A real man accepts when he is feeling an emotion and isn’t afraid to cry. He will embrace the sadness to better understand himself, situations, and other people. But in the end, as I sang to John Denver, I felt pure love win the day. And! I feel inspired to get and learn the guitar so I can play John Denver and sing his songs with it :). And I am thankful for what has created this pure love in me that continues on each and every day.

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