Raise Your Standards For Yourself

It’s a beautiful thing when you raise your standards for yourself. When you decide that you’ll only accept the best in the key areas of your life – your body/health, finances, relationships, spirituality, skill level, all of it. Doing this may mean leaving some good situations behind. It may mean making some very difficult choices in your life path. It may mean many other people won’t understand you or consider you a villain – or at the very least, something different.

And that’s what always happens when you choose a higher standard for yourself – you’ll start to become a different person that others that know you as your past self won’t recognize. I was passing out Halloween treats today and I loved it. I have a fake giant spider that I’d show the Trick Or Treater’s and it was funny to see the expressions on their face. My standard is for whatever I do is to do it with all my might, intense enthusiasm, and curiosity.

My standards have been raised. I won’t accept anything in any area except the very best – for myself and those who are around me. I am an extremely happy, centered, and curious man and am only going to continue in that direction. I am so excited for the adventures and the people I will attract into my life with this tremendous growth and mindset I have.

Do yourself a favor – set some high standards for yourself and accept nothing less. You only get one life – make it the best damn life possible.

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