Remembering Stuart Scott

stuart_scottStuart Scott was best known for being an anchor on the ESPN sports show, SportsCenter. I remember him first when I was in early high school and first heard him early in the morning when I’d watch sports highlights at home. He had a unique style, using his own twist and language to describe the events unfolding.

He was diagnosed with cancer while having an appendectomy, November, 2007. He continued to work doing interviews and SportsCenter as much as he could. He lived even in his last days with a positive attitude and living life to its fullest. I’m reminded that life is meant to be lived and the positive to be focused on. His dying is a reminder to me to live my life to its fullest and I’m thankful for his example. Below, is a speech of his as he receives the Jim Valvano award in 2014 for his strength in battling cancer.

After watching this speech, I am most thankful that I can be a dad to Ellie and Sienna. Like Stuart Scott, I am divorced, but treat my role as a father with the utmost care and respect. Like him, I have large alimony and child support payments to make. He was married about 14 years and has two daughters, similar to me. He had a girlfriend that is 23 years younger than him, who was with him even as he died. For Ellie and Sienna, I hope that I can be around for a long time to be your dad. I love you and care for you in the best ways that I can.

Today, Stuart Scott is dead at age 49.

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