Spoke at a Work Tech Conference Today!

Today was really great – I got to do a presentation and speak to about 30 people for a work technology conference we had! I spoke about how we do web page performance at my company¬†and did some demonstrations with a couple members of the audience. I love speaking to groups of people, it’s so much fun!

Speaking As a Means of Growth

I always feel stretched when I have to speak to an audience. There’s just something about the rush of knowing I have to get up there and address everyone. It takes a lot of brain activity to observe the audience and gauge how they are feeling. I also think about how to use humor to help the audience relax.

Speaking Feels Good

While I’m speaking, I feel like I am doing what I am meant to do. It’s really the closest thing I’ve felt to fulfilling my life’s purpose – and that is to help other people through teaching and speaking to them. Though I spoke about a technology related subject today, I know there are other subjects that interest me such as website development, personal growth, and pushing through relationship difficulties.

Speaking Helps Others Learn

I love teaching people. If I can help someone in their knowledge of something I feel fulfilled. Even better is to help multiple people. The way I do this is by using simple examples. In my presentation at the conference today, I had a couple gals volunteer to help me with my demonstration.

I had two bowls and one with 6 rubber balls in it. Her goal was to one by one, put the balls into the other bowl. This simulates how web pages transfer information to a computer. It seemed to really work well to help people understand what was going on.


I feel very inspired to do some kind of seminar or presentation this year and see if I can generate any interest in it. My areas of expertise are technology (particularly website development), personal development, relationship pain, and futurism. I’m going to see what I can put together.

I know many of you might not like to speak to groups, but it is such a growth experience that it’s just too hard for me to pass up.

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