Take a Shotgun to Fear And Go For It

shotgun“For the men out there, take a shotgun. It’s locked and loaded. Then take a look at all the fucking decisions you’re afraid of in your life. Pump that sucker and blow them to smithereens. You feel in your gut certain things about life, yet you are afraid of acting on them because of what other people might say or do, the fear of rejection, or the worry that things won’t work out how you expect. That’s natural to feel – there is no loading a saved game in life. However, what sets apart a real man from the rest is his willingness to go for what he truly believes even though he knows the risks and potential consequences. The real man knows what he wants in life and after he takes the necessary time to think about it properly, he goes for it, NO MATTER WHAT anyone else thinks of his decision or him.” – Jeremy Noel Johnson

Yes, this is my own quote I just made up – and I’m going for it. The advice applies to me for I’ve felt my courage returning – my spark of life – my determination to go for what I truly believe and want. The life force that powers me is coming back. What I’ve been learning over the last month is that it does not matter what those around you think – the real man knows what he wants and will go for it. He takes the time he needs to make sure things are right and lets time confirm the truth to him – especially in critical, life altering decisions that affect others. But in the end, he makes a decision and doesn’t look back.

I wrote about how you can try your best and STILL LOSE. Playing basketball a couple times a week has helped me see this in a new light. Sure, you can lose. But then you wake up the next day and you have ANOTHER SHOT to give it a go. Part of life is losing. But another part of life is winning. And if you keep taking the shot and do it right, I believe you can come back from a loss and win. Just look at Michael Jordan, the famous NBA basketball player. He lost many times before he started to win championships…

I’m 36 – will be 37 in December. I’ve taken some risks and had some rejection and challenges. But I’ve thought about it even more. I was really feeling down and in the dumps earlier this month. But what I’ve realized is that I’m giving life a go – I’m not sitting on the sidelines avoiding the dance of life. I’ve got a lot of gifts, health, brains, looks, and my zest for life. I don’t have a terminal illness and I’ve got SO much life ahead of me. As I realize this, fear is now in my cross-hairs and it’s about to get blown to bits.

This is for you guys out there – most guys aren’t confident enough to do this. I’ve faltered this year as well in being firm and confident. But the beauty of life is that you get another chance in most cases and a chance to do it right.

Now, take the shotgun to this thing called fear right here and show it whose boss.

Source: http://steveperry.at/a-fear-of-fear/

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