The Best Things Give You Good Memories

I want to share an old video of mine with you – it’s from when I was 13 years old and in eighth grade. At this time, that is about 23 years ago! I love the game of basketball and last night, I stayed up until 2:00 AM watching my high school basketball highlights. I have some very fond memories playing basketball and I’ll always remember my dad for being willing to film my games when it would have been much more exciting to put the camera down. All the people I played basketball with growing up until now are clearly in my mind. All the memories are there and are not forgotten – they are really clear still!

Here’s the video – in a church in Kalamazoo Michigan, back in 1991!

I have such fond memories of playing basketball in this church. You know, I can remember this slam dunk very vividly. I can remember the rush I felt as I knew I was being filmed and wanted to do a good dunk. I can remember curling around to the top of the court and then running really hard. It’s funny – I felt I had to impress the two gals who were just walking in while I ran to jump and dunk. I can remember the hard takeoff, the up and down motion of my arm, flying through the air, and slamming it home. What can I say, I’m a silly flying goose! I think I’ll post some high school basketball highlights at some point as well as the CDs they are on will probably die some day.

When I have good memories – and especially intense memories – I can remember it all – the breathing, the air, the sounds, the eyes, the tastes, the feelings, the touch, everything. For one who wants to forget memories, this would be a curse :). But it is what makes me who I am.

We’d play Saturday mornings and we’d have new years tournaments where everyone would get together to play. There was a lot of talent in the area and we all went to church together there – many of us played high school basketball and some in college. I can very clearly relive those memories and it makes me smile. I remember playing in 3 on 3 tournaments with friends and winning them. It was awesome!

I have memories about other things in my life. My brain seems to have a knack for capturing good memories and allowing me to relive them as if they were happening all over again. Some of my best memories have come this year – even midst my tremendous growth and change I’ve experienced. I have memories in my car, at parks, walking, singing, talking, laughing, crying, and running.

I also have memories of telling my kids bedtime stories and hearing them laugh. They’ll hand me stuffed animals and ask me to tell them stories. I love making them laugh! Part of my challenge this year has been that these kids are such good kids and I know I’m an example to them and they love me. They love seeing me every night before bed. I know I’m able to give them happiness in their life right now – but it doesn’t mean it comes without sacrifice. There is a huge sacrifice I feel I am making right now at this time, which I don’t expect anyone to really understand.

I have memories with my family, with Heidi, and all the things that have happened over the years. In some ways, it would be nice if I could just forget all my memories and have a clean slate :). Because some of my memories are so fond and good that I can make myself cry if I think about them – even for a little bit. But they are good memories and I think what makes life great is the good memories we accumulate over time.

I know the things in my life that have given me good memories. I hold on to these and cherish them. For they are a part of me and make me who I am. Some memories are so intense that they’ll make you cry just by recalling them. I know this happens for me – but they are tears of fondness and joy, not of sorrow. I’ve learned this year to welcome all experiences – and when moments come in your life that you know are special – make the most of that time. Every second counts, because you never know when that time will end or be put on hold.

I gave advice to one of my friends the other day. She was having a tough time in her relationship with her boyfriend. He is chaotic and has some issues. She feels a deep soul connection with him. I know what that’s like. I’m sure she is getting advice from people to leave the ass hole and move on. I told her this – if you find that one – that deep soul connection in your life – savor every second with them – you don’t know when life will rip it from you. And then you’ll just have the memories of it to go by. She seemed to appreciate that.

The best things give you good memories. I’m thankful for those memories. Think about your life and the good memories you have. Chances are they are with people and in situations that mean something important to you.

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