The Call To Adventure

I have to admit, I’ve been quite enthralled over the last year now by those who have YouTube channels who do social experiments and random approaching of strangers. It takes guts to go up to a random person and be completely yourself, not knowing what they might say or do. As a man, it says a lot about your confidence to go out and talk to people and say whatever the hell you want to.

It’s in this spirit that I’m going to do a little experiment this Saturday. There’s some malls and parks around here in Utah and I’m going to spend this coming Saturday going around to people and asking to take selfies with them. I’m already quite comfortable taking a selfie by myself, but going up to random people to ask them to take a selfie with me will stretch me and force me to face some rejection – but also some that I know will be happy to do it.

When I was in California earlier in the year, on each occasion, I felt a tremendous amount of energy from the people there. I enjoyed going up to random people at parks and while I was out and about running and talking to them. It felt extremely energizing and helped me understand more about my extroverted nature. So when I go out this Saturday, I’m going to post the pictures of those who agreed to do a selfie, as well as talk about those who said no and why rejection is OK.

I have a feeling this is going to be the first of many adventures I’m going to go on with other people. It is the next step in who I am becoming :).

Your quest: You have something deep down you know you feel like doing. I’m doing that this Saturday – so what’s yours? What do you want to do? Go do it.

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