The Entrepreneurial Fire

For the past couple weeks and especially the last couple days, the entrepreneurial fire has burned very brightly within me. My game, Tower of Eglathia, was released on Steam (the most popular game publishing network), and I’ve made some sales! Not only that, I am interacting with customers, answering their questions, and making fixes and enhancements to my game. It’s felt so good that I’ve come home from work every day and literally worked another 6 hours in the evening on my game because it’s so much fun.

One of the fun things has been seeing the positive and negative feedback that people have for my game. I take the negative feedback seriously and I’ve worked tirelessly to resolve any issues or things people don’t like. I love serving my customers – the players of my game. Tower of Eglathia (my game) was truly a Labor of Love in 2013 and a year and a half after submitting it, people can finally buy it and play it.

And as such, I feel the entrepreneurial fire within me to improve it and do even more. After I’m done writing this article, it’s back to my game and making enhancements to it. I think it’s a pretty good game, but what really matters is if my customers think it’s a good game! And the only way to know that is to listen to their feedback.

Everyone should try their hand at entrepreneurship. It’s not so much that you make millions of dollars – though that continues to be a goal of mine, but it’s more of the person it makes of you as you make the attempt. This goes for a lot of things in life as well, but certainly entrepreneurship is one of those things.

I’m enjoying watching my sales dashboard and responding to emails and comments about the game. Now, I have work to do.

Tower of Eglathia – my game – on Steam

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