The Freedom We Have in the U.S.

statue_of_libertyThis weekend was spent watching fireworks and in deep thought about life and this great country I live in. I’ve listened to a variety of perspectives from people about the United States. Some say that our country is headed down a destructive path in all areas while others are optimistic about the future and that things look very bright. I’d like to throw my opinion into this mix.

We Live In a Great Country

We live in an unbelievably great country. It’s a country where anyone can share a perspective on something, no matter how bizarre that perspective might be. I have the freedom to spend my money on a web server and host my website and write about whatever the hell I want – even if I am a bit nutty sometimes :). I’m extremely grateful I have this freedom to write and share what’s on my mind.

A great country is not one without challenges. But a great country is one in which we can freely choose how to live and explore our lives. I wake up each day and there is nobody but myself dictating the course of my life. Sure there is the family I live with, but we don’t have some authoritative figure telling us how to live, spend our money, and what not.

My family is free to discuss our future and even oscillate as much as we want in our decision about our future because it’s a free country and there is no timetable for serious decisions. I’m extremely thankful for this.

The Future is Bright

As a futurist, I look at the future as very bright. We have the amazing internet that lets us read about anything from anyone in the world that has chosen to post something online. This gives us such power to hear more perspectives than our own and come to collective wisdom more quickly. 30 years ago, it was a lot harder to collaborate and hear the opinions of others. I’m thankful I can read online about others views of the world and soak in their knowledge and experience.

Technologically and economically, the future is very bright. Some might wonder – if our country keeps advancing in technology, what is going to happen to all the jobs? What will people do for work?

I think the answer to this is awesome – those meaningless jobs will go away! And it will give us more time to spend our lives in creative pursuits and spending time with those we care about. To me, mundane jobs going away is very good. As this happens and the cost of our basic needs continues to go down, I love the possibility of not having to work because I have to.

I can’t overstate this enough. Costs for things are coming down. When I budgeted what it would cost to move out on my own, it was less than $1,000 a month. With a little bit of effort, that kind of income is very doable in a full-time job or through side projects. I think the cost of living will continue to decrease as technology increases.

I know some might argue that we’re headed for a financial cliff and there’s no stopping Armageddon. I simply say that creating things and spending time with others is beyond the numbers in a bank account or a national debt. Let’s say the national debt becomes 1,000 trillion dollars. Suffice it to say, that organization that has created that will be evolved out of and something better will take its place.

We Can Choose for Ourselves

I love that we can choose for ourselves here in the United States. I can fuck up my life over and over and I have the complete freedom to do so. It’s not to say that this is a goal of mine. But I have the freedom to make choices, be confused, and strive to learn and bring clarity and there is no overseer telling me I have to do this a certain way. I’m free as a conscious human being to try and understand my life and that makes me extremely happy.

I can choose to go to work tomorrow and earn my keep. Or I can tell them I’m not coming in anymore and face that consequence. Either way, I’m free to make that choice. So long as I am not harming others or interfering with their property and basic rights, life is mine to experience as I see fit and this is very satisfying. Do I watch a move tonight or read? What do I eat? Do I run now or later on? I have the freedom to ask these questions.

Giving Thanks

I give thanks that I have a good life – this has largely been because of good choices I’ve made. I’ve worked hard to learn technology and have a command of leadership and technology. This has served me well to have earning power to live in a house with my family. I am in pretty good health, again, largely because of the decisions I’ve made to exercise and eat reasonably well.

I’m thankful that all my family members are alive – there’s seven of us kids in my family and all of us and my parents are still alive. I’m thankful that I can go to work tomorrow and make my best attempt at bringing value to the business I work for. I’m thankful to be a manager and for each new day to try and lead my team to great things.

I’m thankful for my education and the ability to write and understand words. I’m thankful for the experiences of my life, good and bad, and the lessons I’ve learned. I’m thankful to know and know of some really awesome people. That fuels me to do better in my life.

Mostly, I’m thankful to be alive and have a chance each day to try and do better than yesterday. This country is amazing – you can screw up over and over and still have a chance the next day to try again. I absolutely love it and I will never stop loving this great country we live in, the United States of America.

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