The Gladiator’s Life

Life is like the gladiator arena. We are surrounded by people and we must choose something to survive – or be crushed by life and its need for us. The arena of life is perhaps the most challenging arena of all. For we’re not necessarily fighting against other gladiators trying to kill us, but we are fighting against ourselves – to better ourselves and find meaning to our existence.

A gladiator must learn to survive onslaughts of various kinds – you won’t be attacked by just one kind of weapon.

The gladiator in life must learn to master their emotions. For emotions left unchecked can lead to turmoil, chaos, and decisions that leave carnage in their wake.

The gladiator in life must learn to master their physical body. For a physical body left unattended soon becomes a burden to carry around.

The gladiator in life must learn to master their mental capacity. For a mind left docile will soon become incapable of making a next or important move in life and the person will fade away.

The gladiator in life must learn to master their needs. For the gladiator must learn to fight alone first above all else. The gladiator must learn to carry on completely even when those he once knew are no longer around.

The gladiator in life must learn to laugh a little. For a little humor goes a long way to enjoying the life that is lived.

The gladiator in life must learn to be responsible. For they are not the only participant in life and the decisions they make absolutely affect other people.

The gladiator in life must learn to increase in skill. For the skills learned yesterday may become less useful today. So long as the gladiator has a foundation for learning, they will be able to use this to pickup on new abilities.

The gladiator in life must learn, above all, that others in life are fighting their own battles. Often others must learn by themselves to truly be taught a lesson – and this has proven true for me.

This is the gladiator of life – it is the personal journey and battle within each of us that matters. Do what you love and makes you happy. If you find a purpose in your life, don’t take that lightly – hold on to it for the rest of your days.

I know some gladiators in life who excel at it far more than I do. They may not even know I see them that way. My twin brother and the one on the other side of the invisible cord are two who live life like a strong gladiator and give me something greater to strive for each and every day…

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