The Wizard In The Storm

At some point in your life, you may experience a storm. You may lose someone close to you, be seriously injured, go through a divorce, or have something very personal happen that turns your life upside down. You will know this storm when it happens. You will cry more than you ever have. You will be angrier than you ever have been. You will feel pierced in your soul and gut – like a mighty javelin is hurled through it.

It is this storm that is your test in life. Life has seen you fit for a trial that is needed for your growth and arrival at a much finer destination. Like the wizard here, while you are going through this storm, you must keep your force shield up. You must remain focused on your end destination – that star which is up ahead and lights the way you should go. You know in your heart where you are headed and you must not let yourself become unraveled or else the lightning will strike you instead of your force field.

If the lightning were to strike you from this trial, you may not make it out of your life alive. Therefore, keep your force shield up and remain focused. This means heavy meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and always remaining calm and clear about what you want and your life purpose, even if there are those around you who are losing it in anger, pessimism, or frustration. It means finding your joy and things that make you laugh. You are the wizard in this storm. You are the leader. You are guiding the ship to the star and out of the storm.

On the other side of this storm is tremendous growth for you. On the other side is a brightness that will exceed anything you’ve ever experienced. But you must maintain your focus through the storm in order to get there. This comes from a fellow wizard in the storm who has learned to harness his force shield through the storm and is now navigating toward the star with intense focus, determination, and a strong will. I will not let anything take my force shield down and you must do the same.

From one wizard to another – smile, focus, keep that force shield up, and experience this storm in the present moment.

You are the wizard in the storm
You’re facing what isn’t the norm
You have been qualified by life
To face this turmoil and strife

It’s the journey through it all
That will help you stand tall
It’s your focus and your will
That will keep your resolve be still

Keep your force shield up and strong
Or else you’ll find yourself gone
The storm will continue to pound
And every thunderous boom will sound

Your test is to keep yourself alive
And better yet to even thrive
Through the test you have been given
Anything less and you will be bitten

The wizard that passes the test
Will be filled with a great zest
And be a light to those yet tried
That they may feel you alongside

And so put a smile on that face
The storm cannot match your grace
Of how you handle this situation
For you’ll be honored with acclamation

The Wizard In The StormArtwork created by Raymond “Shockbolt” Gaustadnes – click image to enlarge

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