Tower of Eglathia is Green Lit

Recently, I got an email that my computer game I made over a year and a half ago has been Greenlit by Steam. This is really good news. It means there is enough interest in my game for Steam to put the game officially as a title available for people to purchase. I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to go through the process to get officially published. Here is what was in my email:

Tower of Eglathia Green Lit

I spent a host of hours in 2013 working on Tower of Eglathia, refining it and making it a fun game to play. It appears that hard work has paid off and now I get to prepare the game for an official release on the most popular game website platform. It goes to show that you never know what is going to happen with the effort you put into something. I’m humbled and excited at the same time to polish up a few things with the game and make a sequel!

The lesson learned here – you just never know what the future holds, as much as you like to think you know, this saying seems to always come back to teach me something:

Whenever you think you know what is going to happen, prepare for a surprise

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