Interview Yourself To Discover Your Purpose

I found Lana Kravtsova, from Daring Clarity recently and was delighted to see yet another like minded person on the Internet sharing their gift. She has a very unique gift – helping others discover or ‘Connect the Dots’ in their life. She created a detailed and well thought out interview that I would like to go through now – and suggest any of you wanting a clearer understanding of your purpose – to fill out.

The Interview

If there was one word that would define everything you do, strive for and resonate with, what would that be:

Fulfillment. I need to feel like I am doing everything I absolutely can to tap into my potential.

What is (are) the core feeling(s) that drive(s) everything you do?

Fulfillment, purpose, meaning, and joy. These are the driving forces behind everything I do.

What are the things you are most proud of from what you’ve accomplished or did so far in life?

Finishing college, upgrading my career (full-time job) several times in life already. Marrying an awesome person and making the marriage work – and get stronger after nearly 10 years now. Taking action on my ideas (book, this website) and making them tangible things.

What is your genius, what are your talents?

I’m quite the nerd with web development. I ‘get’ all the ‘stuff’ that is happening on web pages. Beyond that, I feel I am ‘in tune’ with people I communicate with and I believe myself to have a great deal of resourcefulness and intuition. Lastly, I’m a pretty good shot in basketball :)

If you were to start your career/business all over again, what would you do differently?

I would have started writing and creating websites much sooner. As far as my full time career goes, it’s been a great career, not many complaints there.

What do you crave?

Real connections with people who desire to live to their fullest potential.

What do you want less of in your life?

The feeling of struggle and that I am not making progress.

What annoys you the most?

Stagnation – people who talk about what they want to do, but are the same way many years down the road.

If there was one thing you could revolutionize, what would that be?

Self esteem and self actualization. I believe people grow up with limiting beliefs that prevent them from pursuing their dreams. I think the school system should have classes on personal growth and power.

What are the best realizations you had that changed your life?

I realized I could actually make a difference and put ideas into reality. Once I realized I could make ideas real, I was hooked. I’m now spending most every waking moment into curiosity and the pursuit of unlocking my potential. This started in my early 30’s. I am 32 now. I’ve also realized that great and unique value is the best way to create a business and wealth.

What do you love?

I love my wife and family. I love a stimulating conversation. I love playing basketball. I love seeing others grow and come to powerful realizations in their life. I love seeing people make progress.

What is the best material gift one can give you and why?

The best material gift is knowledge and expertise. I love learning from people who are masters at what they do. I am both inspired and informed by masters.

What is your favorite flower and what do you see in it?

I honestly haven’t thought much about this. I think I like sunflowers because they have yellow on them and yellow is my favorite color.

What advice would you give to your 18 year old Self:

Start creating and learning NOW. Start investing your time and money NOW. The extra effort now will pay off huge for you in the future. Stop worrying about impressing other people. Get out and make a difference. Read the best books. You are really a confident and worthwhile person. Get to know and interact with others – this is where you purpose will be found.

What are you most proud of in your country/people?

Most proud that there are people who are happy and successful when there are many who are griping and complaining about government, health care, or economics.

Did you have a job that you hated in the past and if yes, why?

Several. One was working at Burger King in the back working with the food and preparing it for customers. One was working a data entry job for a library company that was monotonous. Finally, there was one working as a tester for a software company. It was also monotonous because I just tested over and over with no real growth. I found that in all of these jobs there was stagnation and little room for creativity…

The end of the interview

Here is an easy way for you to do this interview. Just copy and paste what I have below and put it on your website. The top has credit given to Lana, as she is the originator of this interview. Just click in the box and click CTRL + C. Then CTRL + V where you want it. Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “Interview Yourself To Discover Your Purpose

  1. Jeremy, that was SO awesome to learn more about you! I could resonate with everything you’ve written. (besides the sunflowers, I guess that was not a “manly” question to ask:)) Fulfillment, stimulating conversations, real connections with people, classes on personal growth in schools….It’s great to meet like minded people! Thank you for linking to me. And, wow, you even provided the code! Keep rocking, Jeremy!
    .-= Lana Kravtsova´s last blog ..Clarity Series or Questions to Crack Open Your Reality – Episode 1 =-.

    1. Hi Lana, thank you for doing what you’re doing. Your website on clarity is providing tremendous value for me in focusing exactly what I want. You keep rocking as well :)

  2. Hello Jeremy and Lana,

    Happy to meet you! This is a timely post. My computer went to sleep last night somewhere on one of your ‘magical’ pages and was refreshed to find this post. It’s a wonderful way to become further acquainted with you :)

    I find inspiration in your story, growth and progress. You two can bet, I will be logging off to enjoy pondering these questions today.

    Be well.

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by and glad this was useful for you. These are certainly excellent questions to answer. It is very nice to meet you!

  3. Hey Lana and Jeremy !

    This is an interview with a genuine person, I like it.
    I could especially relate to these points:

    “I love a stimulating conversation.”

    “Get out and make a difference.”

    That’s part of my essence !
    .-= Mars Dorian´s last blog ..Why YOU really Need a Logo ! =-.

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