53 Miles Per Gallon In A Full Gas Car

Is it absurd that I got 53 miles per gallon in a car that runs just on gasoline? Is it crazier still that it was a combination of city and highway driving? Was this accomplished through some illegal or reckless driving with extreme luck at stop lights? I have video proof that my first work day of driving up to 25 miles was indeed 53 miles per gallon in a full gas car. That rate of miles per gallon, or close to it, is possible even throughout using an entire tank of gas.

For the Skeptics

Some thoughts may be that I faked this video or tampered with my equipment. Others still may say that my car just happens to be gas efficient. “I have a big hunkin’ Truck and there’s no way I can get good gas mileage”. Riddle me this – if it were possible to get better gas mileage even in your current vehicle, but you did not believe it were possible, would you ever stand a chance at getting better gas mileage?

I’m a skeptic too. I need and crave hard evidence and facts to back up claims. That’s why I took the video of my car. As a skeptic, if you will open your mind just a little bit and show some curiosity and just be willing to try, I believe you can get better gas mileage. And I’ll run through some math shortly that will show you just how much money you can save – a big win in the struggling economic world we live in today.

For the Believers

As a believer, you already believe good gas mileage is possible. You might believe it takes reckless driving and shady driving techniques. But you still believe it’s possible. I can tell you that I achieved 53 miles per gallon staying within the law and not doing anything dangerous. As a believer, would you like to get 10% to 20% more miles per gallon in your vehicle? Would you like to get up to 50% more miles per gallon in certain smaller vehicles, even if they are gas powered? I’ve done it and it’s possible.

How Did I Do It?

For the past 5 years, I’ve been driving in a modified way. Recently I discovered that this modified form of driving has a growing community and official name. What a surprise it was to know that there were others out there doing the same thing. It’s not just me – I don’t have some freak energy shooting out of me saving my gas. This is exciting because if I were the only one doing it, I’d be branded a mad scientist. With many others achieving my results and better, it should be no challenge to show the evidence.

The combination of having a gas efficient car and driving in the modified way are the two primary reasons for my 53 miles per gallon. They ARE NOT the only two reasons though. If you are a skeptic, you’re mind will probably turn off to what I’m about to say next. If you’re a believer, you still might think what I’m about to say is far-fetched. I’m here to tell you it’s the very reason I get this gas mileage.

The Other Reason

The other reason is none other than curiosity. True curiosity. Not simply talking about something for a few minutes and having the thought fly away. Real curiosity is like diving into the deep end in an ice cold swimming pool. The willingness to try the unknown and experience it. The desire to see how much potential I can squeeze out of myself and my vehicle. To see just how far my dollars can stretch for gas. Some call this penny pinching. I call it unlocking my true potential.

When you have real curiosity, you break out of the bubble of life that usually forms and shapes your beliefs. My bubble burst a few years ago. Since then, I’ve discovered a rabbit hole that continues to go deeper and deeper as I experiment and see just how much I can learn, experience, and create. 53 miles per gallon is a result of that bubble bursting. 5 years ago, I could not have achieved 53 miles per gallon. I struggled to get 30 miles per gallon at that time. It would not have occurred to me that curiosity was the doorway to better gas mileage.

The Math

Now on to hard numbers. I’ll keep this very simple. Let’s say you have a 10 gallon tank for gas and you get 20 miles per gallon right now. At 200 miles roughly, you fill up for gas. That costs you a cool $30 (for simplicity – I know gas is more expensive right now). Now imagine that you improve your gas mileage by 20%. That means you now get 240 miles on the same tank of gas, or 24 miles per gallon.

Still with me? Your first tank of gas will take you 10,400 miles over the course of a year (52 weeks) and cost you $1,560. Now let’s see what your improvement will do for you. Take a few deep breaths and soak it in. I know math can cause some glazed eyes. Let’s see how much money you save by increasing your gas efficiency by 20%.

At your now efficient 24 miles per gallon (a very achievable increase with a few simple modifications), you cover the same 10,400 miles and your cost is now only $1,300. This means you just saved $260 dollars. Increase your efficiency to 30 miles per gallon (a 50% increase), and you are saving $520. Isn’t that nice to be able to save hundreds of dollars a year with a few driving modifications that are completely legal and safe?

Formula: ((Distance In Miles / Miles Per Gallon) * Cost of Gas Per Gallon) = Gas Cost.

What could you do with the extra money? Pay down a house/car? Go on dates with your honey? Save and invest each year? Not only that, you’ll feel more confident in yourself due to having learned a new skill.

The Techniques

Now that the math is over, the techniques of how I do it follows the curiosity. But I’ll explain that in a follow up article. Just know that I’m averaging on full tanks of gas about 48 miles per gallon right now. And that is with driving in the city constantly with starts, stops, and hills. Were I not diverted to the city and driving primarily on the freeway, I don’t doubt I could average 55 miles per gallon or more. In my next article, you’ll see how I do it. But remember, curiosity and a desire to unlock your potential are a prerequisite…

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